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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Hello... =) You guys will never guess where i am now.. =) I'll tell you if you ask me... discreetly. =) Well, so today i sort of quit my job from this advertising company.

To end that, lets do an update of my life so far.

Yesterday was movies day with the zimster. Over at my place for movies and we watched Santau, Congkak, and Phobia2... Bryan watched with us. So its was cool scaring bryan and stuff. =) Had a good time.

I feel like playing MAHJONG today but i dont know if this plan will be fulfilled. =)

I think something is wrong with my body somewhere. Recently everytime after i eat i feel like vomitting and i sometimes end up puking up all that i've ate. If i dont puke. I'll prolly end up having a bad tummy ache and visiting the toilet a few times. Im guessing its gastric flu so i dont think i wanna go see a doctor cos they'll just prescribe me the same old meds. either that or a jab and im not all excited about that too. =)

Helped Vanessa out with her flea market a couple of times and it was great spending time with her and her mum. =)

Well, i really cant think of anything else to blog. =)

OH! See sha with HArris and gang the other day. And before that a couple of weeks i pissed Danny off. SCARY!! Lol.. Yah....

=) Maybe will upload photos next.

Guys.. Im really trying to be happy here... Help me out k? =)

And i thank those who have been around for me recently through my bad times. THANKS. LOVE YA'ALL>>>!! =)