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Thursday, May 06, 2010

Work. Now i become the no life kinda person that ive been teasing my friends for the past 2 months... Work started and its a 5.5days work week. And my job scope isnt very well-defined YET. But im learning slowly.. VERY slowly... And the people at work are nice. Not the kind that you immediately get used to and click very well and become close and fun and jokey immediately but nonetheless i would describe them as nice.... NICE....

Im new. And im fresh. And im so eager to learn and excel... Its like putting a genius kid in public school... I feel lethargic and tired not really because i lack of the sufficient 8 hours of sleep. But because im learning so slowly that my mind and body doesnt feel excited. Like i have to slow myself down because if i finish all my jobs too fast. The rest of the time i got nothing to do and i haf to kinda pretend like im actually doing many things, that are constructive. My manger asks me to go talk to my colleagues and ask them all the qns possible. Doesnt look very likely cos they are all very busy. Busy with so many things and i feel bad to ask cos they have to stop their work midway just to teach me about lame stuff. Plus am i suppose to go to the manufacturing site below to ask a qns like what is a L bracket Chassic Runner? WTF... I know. Its not stupid to ask. Its stupid not to ask. But looking at my situation. I FEEL stupid... Fuck maybe i should really go sell my life to FNB. SHITES...

So whats new with my life other than i got no life? Nothing FACEBOOK IS EVIL!!! My new philosophy. And ive been hanging out with Yeni, Fateha, Azim and all... Hung out with Danny and Isk the other night and they saw another side of me. They were nice about. Not as i expected. I thought they would feel all weird and fucked up cos i was never weak ard them. Seldom anyway. Was always that fun outgoing joking Mandy. Sigh... It hard to live up to your name/character sometimes. I know.. Its abbout being real. But being real also means, you have to see and analyze the people ard you and know where and when is your place and time. I feel bad. For letting them see me that way and screwing their mood for laughter and jokes. =\

So i got my dad's trust in driving already. I can officially borrow the car and drive it around alone already. SO THATS AWESOME!!! As usual Yeni was the first to recieve this special honour of being my first lone passenger. =) Thats a big thank you from me to her for all the times she drove me around. =)

Some politics happened that day i slept over at Fat's place. Been so long since i went thru this kinda politics. Half of me felt like it was so unecessary and immature. The other part misses being stupid and making nonsense out of nth at all. Im in a stage where i have to grow up and act grown up. But i dont want to. Wanna be a kid... Wanna be my mums and dads princess. Dont wanna grow up...  =( Dont want responsibilities and all.. Just wanna stay home, go out, enjoy... Marry a rich man... Hahahahahaha..... Wishful thinking. Thats the easy way out, as Tang will put it. "Many people like to use the easy way to become rich. But i believe the journey of the hard way will make you richer." HE never say like that lah. But the meaning the same. HAhahaahaha... =)

Lunch people.. is almost here and i have to eat alone... Guess ill just get a drink.. And smoke.. Dont feel like eating. Do.. not.. like... eating... alone.. Like a fucking kid. Gosh i need to grow up.. =]

Im so sleepy. =( Gotta go! TATAS! Will update again soon... HI TO YOU ALL READERS!!! =)

And AFIQA!!! =) i AM suicidal.. Just dont have the guts to do anything... YET... Lol.. SO dun worry... When i finally do.. I'll leave a note here just for you k? =)  "Will you cry if i die?" Lol.. Ive been asking this qns to people i love.. Lol.. Hoping an anwer would enlighten me somehow.. Haha... I'd like to know that if i die... people will grief... Cos i may not be as awesome as i put myself out to be.. But i;d like to believe i made a difference somewhere somehow.. Cos.. I guess after Allen... Now... I feel unimportant... Like i make no difference at all. Like i meant and mean nth at all.