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Monday, June 07, 2010

EVERYBODY SHOULD WATCH "PRETTY WOMAN".... Its an old show. Starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere. I fucking steamed the whole way thru the movie cos Julia roberts is hott like everything and Richard Gere is UBER CHARMING!!! I tell you its a movie worth 15bucks.. =) I swear its good. I dunno. Richard Gere never stood out for me, until i watched this show. Now he's my hero.... *melts*  HAHA!! And ill marry Julia Roberts if she wants me to. =) She's hott. And she has the best smile and laugh ever. She can light up my life. I think she really can... =) 

I really wanna watch "Runaway Bride" again. I watched it before i think. But i dont remember. But its stars Julia and Richard too. So i have to watch. But youtube dont have.. =( Sianz... Anyone got the dvd or vcd to lend me?   =D

So new guy at work today... Feels weird. Im losing my freedom to do wtv the fuck i want on my computer soon. cos ill be shifting to a more prominent place... And also because, they'll be more people around to see that im actually doing nothing at work. LOL... Fuck... =(

So Danny went in the army. And he called. =) Am glad he's doing fine in there. Heard the training isnt so tough yet. But he's predicting itll get worse soon enough. =) Azim is going in tomorrow... Anwar too... It'll be sad... So many of my guy friends are going in... What in the world can i do?? I need men talk sometimes. Girl talks are nice.. Just not very relaxing sometimes... HAHA... No offence... Just that sometimes girls are more sensitive to certain topics...

Logen is going in soon too. Im kinda worried for him. Not physically, im sure he'll do fine physically.. =) TK and Isk going in Nov/Oct.... Well, There goes my lepak sessions... On the bright side.. I still have Tan Chee Keong... But he has bundles of friends... And sometimes our timing just clashes... =) But he'll keep me company, i know it... Cos he knows how bored i can get.. HAHA...

Apart from all those... I feel the need to go back to Brussels Sprouts for dinner some time.. I miss the food there... Although i some how fear to see certain people. Or just dont want that awkward place ill be put in when people start asking me how am i... I still miss the place... And the food. And maybe a little, the people... I heard everyone there has changed so much. Im just afraid... I might not know them anymore... Or they might not know me anymore. And the pain of remembering past times, will make me dwell on negative thoughts again.. =(  Maybe this has something to do with Allen. But, i guess its more than just that... I grew up with Brussels Sprouts... I met HIM through BS. Im just being a pussy now... !! Knn..

Lunch. Will edit and update again when im back... =) Well, ill be lunching with new guy Tom. Gotta put on that sociable Mandy mask again...

*talks like barney in very perky voice*

HI people... Im a butterfly!! I social butterfly!! I have many friends and you can be my friend too!!! =) YAY!! We can be bessssssst friends.... =)

I soooooo hate this....


I wanna go home... ='(