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Thursday, August 19, 2010


I think some pictures are being re-posted but fuck it. Nice pictures that captures happy memories. So i shall post them all!! =) I took a long time to bluetooth them over to my company laptop. So.. Please do enjoy!! ;)




My grandmother on the far left.
Looks exactly like my mum doesnt she? =)

Aunty on the far right. Mum's older sister.
My mum's sooo gonna look like my gramma when she's old.
I always tease her about it. HAHA

Just with different years of experience written on their faces.

Mother's day treat from my brother and i,
At Hog's Breath.

This story is hilarious. You cant see it.
But bryan sucked on his water bottle hard and looong.
And his whole lips became swollen for about an hour or so.
He cried when we told him how stupid it was and how my dad will be so mad.

Again, the little bugger.
Now wearing jewellery from Forever 21 when we were shopping.

I love this picture. Makes Bryan and I look angelic. =)
Pictures can be decieving...
Im the only anglic one... ;) HAHA



After karaoke session at cashstudio, i think..

US again, on my birthday.
At some seesha place i forgot the name (arab street)

Them giving me my birthday hug during my wish. =)

Dangerous roads nows adays.
Cos alls the girls are ons the roads nows. =D

Think we meant to go eat Tulang before this picture was taken.
Changed our minds. And Haidar got a cigarette fine that day.

At Lorong 8, under Allen's Block.

Durian was gooooood~
While we were eating durian...
They were disturbing me about being under Allen's block.
Then sooo fucking coincidentally...
They saw a black swift...
I thought they were kidding..
They werent...
I was THIS close to running or shouting.
But i just hid my face.. Felt nervous.
Pretend nothing happened. LOL.

So one night, Fateha, Aryani, Azim and I were bored.
Lepaked under Fateha's block.
Had Black Henna tattoos with us.
Decided to act gangster.


My mum's name on my left arm.

My dad's name on my right.

My siblings names on my thighs... =)

We were so fucking high with henna-ing.
Everyone had tattoos.
I was fucking gangster.
Don't fuck with me. >)

My name for them? LEPAKings...

One evening while lepaking..
Someone(danny/isk/TK) decided we should take a "family photo"
Never had that thought, or never had anyone of them volunteered to take a photo before.
So, the plan was carried out.
It was fun. Pictures and all.
For the first time EVERYONE smiled for the camera. =)

As you can see i was very happy when this photos were taken.
This are the guys that make me really happy even when we're doing nothing. =)

Isk is a little out of place here.
But he always was cos he has his shirt off.
His trademark, by the way. =)

The times when all of us smoked different cigarettes.
Cigarettes are essential when lepaking.

My birthday dinner wih them bunch. =)

Danny is the hardest person to take a normal good smiling picture with.
Sometimes i get the impression that he thinks taking pictures is LAME.
=) But he's a good boy most of the time. HAHA!!

Isk loves taking pictures.
Especially with his shirt off.

This is a bit of what we drank after dinner, on my birthday eve...
Which i wil never forget because most of us got so drunk we couldnt remember details.
We only remember cos it was the most exciting, most mind blasting clelebration ever.
They sang a bdaysong for me... *smiles wide*

This was the scene where they sang my bday song at 12am on 24.3.2010
Best group of guy friends ever. =)
Only group of guy friends i acknowledge as a group of guy friends.. =)

The cake.cookie thingy that i made for Isk on his birthday..
They say it taste like Famous Amos soft cookie.
They hesitated to eat it. But after the first taste,
They were asking for more!!

This was taken very recently after my jog with Danny.
We went to Harris house and played drinking games.
Loser drank this.
It has cookie, beer, chilli sauce, garlic chilli,H-Two-O, and stuff in it...
Gues who lost???

ME... But i made them drink some... =D


Always the smae kind of friend no matter how long and far apart we've been from each other..

After Isk bday KAraoke session at GrandLink.
Logen adn i went up to eat.
He heard music from the Thai Disco nearby.
Wanted to go in.
No guts. LOL


(My birthday treat)

Treated me to Ichiban Sushi.
Had a heartful meal. Was happy. =)

I think we ate alot...
Now i feel like eating ichiban sushi again... =(

Went to Ipoh.
Sam was my host. =)
Drinking everynight.
Beer became my best friend again that trip. =)

I made love to beer... =)
HAHA! Ipoh was relaxing.. =)
Purely drinking and doing nth much trip.


Vanessa (My baby)

We do fleas together.
We bitch about shit together.
We remind each other why we like and hate about our partners/life.
She's Smart. Logical. Fierce. Stubborn.
Generally very nice, if you dont step on her toes. =)

She got me POSH brownies ..
CRAVIIINGSSS again... =(


When i made Isk cake/cookie thingy.
I had extra batter. So i made two.
This one's for family. =)

Forgot who took this picture. But i look retarded in it.
I should put more retarded pictures of me...

Tried on this posh looking hat at Nichii...

My brother's sunglasses...
Cool shades yo..

Tried on this dress the other day while shopping
Found this at OG if im not wrong.
Didnt buy it cos it was 90 bucks.
Dont have that kind of money to splurge on ONE dress..
Nice or not??? =) SAY NICE!!

Took this picture from the bus stop at TPC.
The sky looked awesome then. Thought i could capture it.


HOPE YOU ENJOYED THE PICTURES & the stories behind them pictures.. =)
You better fucking enjoy it. I spent lots of time putting up this pictures...!!
Half my work day gone... And i was bored while waiting for the pictures to load!!
Fuck you if you didnt enjoy it...