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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I actually wanted to put up some extracts from the book "Leftovers"... But i realise... There's just too many words... So decided not to... =) Maybe in future when im out of words and i remember... LOL...


I feel better today. Don't know why. Maybe i slept well... No tossing and turning.. No fantasizing about perfect life while falling asleep. No tears. So, considered good night... =D

But isnt it greeeaaaat?? First thing my Boss came in and say "Mandy next time dont park there ok? Park downstairs.." The carpark downstairs far sia... And if rain must walk under rain... And if sunny no shelter.. FUCK.

Then after that, the first thing my manager came to do was to fuck the production people that i was talking to. Because they screwed up a prototype. So he was in a bad mood and kept complaining to me about how fucked up it is to be him. Then, when i gave him the documents to sign, he looked at me and said "Wah without you i how ah?" Then, i felt a slight pinch of guilt for leaving this company. But well, we gotta do what we gotta do... =\ This company seriously won't have much place for me to go. And it's a fucked up working place. The bosses and superiors arent exactly the sane type. No system. And stuff... =\


I'm determined to stay happy today..  =)

I want to be happy.... =)

Songs stuck in my head... =)

BYE, Love...