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Thursday, July 29, 2004


Went to watch ella enchanted just now with logen,yeni,gladys and meself. Great show. Very fairytale. Actually, it IS a fairytale story.  The actress is damn pretty. Though i kinda forgot her name. The prince wasn't that handsome. But somehow or the other, i think he's nice? does that sound right? Nvm.. All prince are charming in movies. I mean the lead prince. Not the bad prince though. Good prince are always very nice, to me.

Ha. Let's see. I played touch rugby during Pe today. Sooooo fun! Yeni nur and gladys played. The rest dun have the courage and determination to play. Haha. Too bad! They miss out on all the fun. im gonna have show&tell tmr. How? Die!

I ate popcorn and drank 1/3 of coke today. And i oso ate 2 mouths of KFC chicken. And 1/8 of pepsi. I better make this clear! This is all i ate for today. Later Logen go and anyhow complain. He admits it himself. He is gonna sabo me. What a 'brother' huh?

Today eli caught a lizard and scared pple with it. Many got pretty freaked out. Especially the girls and Logen. I was damn freaked out at first. But then i action action a bit. Then i wait awhile. after that i overcome the fear. Then i go ask eli to give it to me. First time i held a lizard. Ha! Next time my dad can't scare me anymore! Yay! haha..

Ok! Bye now 'all!

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Aloha! So late but i just can't get to sleep. Feeling pretty retard now. I used conditional to wash my hair just now. Feel like it is so silky now. Very weird.

Went to Bishan just now. With Gladys and logen. Took some neoprints. Haha. Before that, logen and gladys were suppose to run their 2.4. But it rained. So we went to bishan after waiting for like, 5 minutes? Haha. Heard that some pple ran after the rain stopped. Which was like.. 2 minutes after we left. Duh!

Finally bought my history workbook. Im so dead tmr. History project deadline ends tmr. And guess what? Haven't even started doing. What am i? Stoopid or stupid? Well.. Both i guess.

Ate alot today. Stupid idiotic logen. Always get to sookie before me! Damn irritated sia. I hate him!! He always sabo me to eat more. Then he report to sookie. Actually i shouldn't have ate lah. No determination at all. Kinda my fault oso. So sorry. : (  But Logen is mostly at fault. And yet, he dares to go report on me FIRST!!!

He is so dead tmr! -cocked up- ; )
Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Realised that i haven't put up pictures for very long already. shall do it soon.

Today's school was pretty Dramatised. Quite cool but yet a lil' weird. But who cares. People from my class will know. Fuck Pearly. Ask her go to hell. Everyone! Boycott her class tmr. throw the eggs at her ugly ol' saggy face!!

Tuition is at 8 o'clock now. Wtf! Hate tuition. But the tutor ain't bad lah. quite interesting. Just that i will miss the 9 o'clock show. Sad.  I got 11/15 for my retest maths test. Not bad eh?

Gonna find pics for hist project now. Bye!

Pearl Jam- Last Kiss

Monday, July 26, 2004

Hello! Haven't been blogiing for a long time eh?  So sorry. Been really tired and all.

So how have ya'all been? Great i hope. Actually i typed loads of stuff in here. But my cocked up computer deleted all of them away and im typing this now. So i dun think i will be typing as much. But if you guys wanna know anything. Just ask me on my tagboard.

Hmm. Wat can i say? Art lesson today angered me up like an angry bull??? I seriously wanted to whack up that ugly old quacky quacky. Ass! Nvm. But painting after school was that bad. My anger pretty much went away after a great session of story telling. Had a lot of fun doing that ART PIECE of ours didn't we? Cool piece of junk.

There's this Sec 1 guy called Imran (isit correct?)who did really great in the story telling. He made me laughed like hell. First time i laughed during assembly bcos of a performance made. Seriously, it was good. And he was really cute. Like small small boy lidat. sorry. Didn't mean it as an insult. just that he really was cute.

Oh! Bryan played bowling for the first time on saturday. Really funny. He was damn happy cos he had always wanted to play bowling. He loves to watch bowling games on cable and play the game on our playstation. Haha. Should have taken picture but didn't bring the camera. what a waste!

Anyways, Mama's nasi lemak yesterday was damn nice!!! But too bad i had to stop eating after one small bowl. Cos i was on a diet remember? haha. Just in case Sookie scold me again. That's all then! Bye all!

Pieces of me*- Ashley Simpson

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Changed the template. But i dunno how to change the font size of my post words. Gonna figure it somehow later. Try my quiz!

Monday, July 19, 2004

Try out this quiz i made. Haha. Just for fun lah. Go try. I wanna see how much you pple noe me. Just put ur name or if you dowanna put oso no porblem! -Bye-  -Quiz-******

Just had my 2.4 kilometre run. So shagged right now. But nevertheless, im blogging. I passed. 18.07 mins. Ok! I noe it isn't good but at least i pass right? Must be proud of me. I can so feel my leg 'hardening' right now. Like there's a imminent(or is it eminent?) cramp. Poor thing! Wailok failed by 1 second!!! Haha. Freakish! Logen was surprisingly great! He won anna?!?! Whoa!! Totally surprising!!! Proud of this konuchichi brother of mine. But i tell you. When my REAL brother hears about my results. He surely will put my down wan. Say i slow and stuff. Trust me! Im always right when it comes to speculating how my brother will react.
And we had our racial harmony celebration today. I wore the malay costume Nuraini lent to me. Kinda cool. But didn't wear the scarf though. Somehow for some reason Yeni didn't want me to wear. And the pin broke. so i didn't get to wear it. Our class won most participated class award or something lidat. I kinda was in a bad mood today. But after the run i seem to have ease of the anger within. Haha. Nur had a terrible stomach pain. She cried sia. Must be damn pain.
We took loads of photos today. Yeni's cam spoiled suddenly. Out of the blue. So we had to survive only on Nur's cam. Haha. And the blur me forgot to take the cam bcos i was charging it. And then i forgot to take it when i left the house. I so totally killed myself for it. But its ok. Can ask nur to develop more of the pictures. Haha.
Ok. I'll tell you guys why i was in a bad mood today. actually i was pretty hyper until after recess. It is bcos i fren of mine got angry with me cos he can't take a joke. What a spoilsport. Ha! Hate pple that can't take jokes. Especially those that play jokes on pple but can't accept one themselves. I HATE THEM!!!!
*Mcfly- Obviously*
Friday, July 16, 2004

  Didn't go to school today. Since it's just half day. Didn't bother. Met Logen and Yeni at 10 for gym session. Went to gym and exercise for about 2 hours. Tired i tell you. But then it didn't really count. cos after that, we went for lunch and ate chicken rice.  IM SUPPOSE TO BE ON A DIET!!! I know. But seriously, i was real hungry and seeing both of them eat wasn't really helping. So i ate as well. And i feel so guilty. Not just bcos i ate chicken rice. I drank a can of coke as well!!! So sorry sookie. I swear! I won't do it again. 

  Anyway, Yeni sabo-ed me by buying me icecream when i already told her that i dun want. Then after she bought she said she's gonna tell on me. What a friend huh? Haha.   After we ate the icecream(s). We went to walk Yeni to the interchange. While Yeni was heading to Yishun, Logen and i were sitting in the HDB HUB and talking. We call it the.... AACIA. Haha. Very funny. We were like "Look! Got terrorist in the building. Let's press the alarm system." , "The kids are here for the audition for our junior spy post. But the boss isn't here. How?"  We met someone on the way that kinda spoiled my mood for anything. But then i decided to pour it all out to Logen. And i felt much better after that. THANKS LOGEN! YOUR THE BEST!! And so, we continued crapping on.  

  Nur gave the 2 costumes to aryani to pass it to me. I tried them on. Im wearing the green one cos it's the only one that fits me. Haha. guess what? My whole family was shock when they saw me in it. They said i really look like a malay. Whoa!!!! HAha. You noe? I kinda like it. Feels really comfy. Cos it's like, silk??? Dunno lah. Just looks nice.  

  So i skipped dinner. Not really skipped lah. Cos i ate hot dog bread. But i ate loads of tomatoes? Does that help? Nvm. 

Thursday, July 15, 2004


Im happy today. I did a maths common test today. It was okay. I think ill pass. Hmmm. I PUNK'D logen and aryani today. Well, btwn them, i accidentally PUNK'D Sookie too. I didn't mean it. So, sookie kinda got a lil angry. cos i promised never to PUNK'D her. But i seriously didn't want to PUNK'D her. Im so sorry sookie. Forgive me pls. If your dict. dun have the meaning of forgiveness. Let me show you. Haha. Sorry.

So, im currently addicted to gunbound. All thanks to Harris Iskandar. He kept pestering me to play. So i play lor. and now im addicted. All his fault!!!! And i just played GB with Harris and Guankai and some Alex guy. Damn funny. Harris and alex keep on arguing. although they are on the same team. Guankai was very good at it. Always accurate. But unfortunately, for me. I suck at it. So im the one that gets my team to lose. Harris says im good at it. But all RUBBISH! i damn lousy. Keep losing money. haha.

Anyway, im really excited. Im gonna wear a malay traditional costume on monday. Nuraini is gonna lend hers to me. Aryani said i shouldn't wear the scarf thingy. But i really wanna try leh. Cos since young i always wanted to wear one. WEIRD! But everyone look so good in it. Maybe ill be insulting the malay if i wear. But just this once?!?!?!? Haha. So excited.

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Hey ya'all!! Ssup?

Haha. I have been sleeping in class everyday since last week. wat the hell?!?! Im just so tired. But i can't sleep early. Cos im used to sleeping late. Well, im starting on a new diet today. Sookie is my weight manager. She is suppose to control me and not make me eat too much. I just hope it works this time. I dunno why. But im just so determined to lose weight now. It just came out of nowhere. The determination, i mean.

Ok. Sookie, Huimin and i went for a jog in the stadium yesterday. We were suppose to train for our 2.4 run on monday. But in the end, we just managed to run 3 rounds. then we took a rest. We wanted to run another 2 more rounds after that. But it started to rain. So we just sat down and talked about weight stuff. Haha. The conversation we had was a really girl stuff conver. Weird!

and after running. We decide to go Central for our lunch. So we ate chicken rice. It was quite nice. And we walked around kiddy palace for awhile. I started to talk cantonese cos i suddenly felt like it. So they were all listening to me. sook han understands but unfortunately, Huimin doesn't. So when we were waiting for the bus to go home. I spot yeye(grandfather). So i was thinking "here's one good chance for me to CONVERSE in Canto. So i left Huimin and sookie by themselve and left with my yeye. We waited for ah chye to finish his tuiton and we headed to grandma's house.

Er. Ok! stop here now. -Toodles-
Monday, July 12, 2004

*Lil' hey, lil' ho! Lil' hi, lil' low!*

Bryan's birthday celebration was ok. Very little family members came. Most of them were busy. We ate loads of good food though. Played a really good game of WATER BOMB!!!! ChayBoon and i was like practically killing each other. My dad hit my arm and it has a bruise on it now. Hurmph! Play cheat. Not suppose to hit upper body wan!

The birthday cake was nice too. Did i mention my cake turned out to be a total disaster? Haha. But heck! Who cares. Just as long as we're all happy, it's good enough for me.

Oh! We saw this really sexy english female. Dunno why she was in our school. But the moment the guys seen her they were all going gaga over her and drooling onto their plate of food. Teack khang was damn sotong. I tricked him telling him that he was drooling and that it was dripping onto his food. Then he really go and cjeck whether it was true. Aha. Then Eliseus move very very close to her at the drink stall. I guess he was checking her out. Didn't really ask for her number though. He dun have the courage lah. Then he was joking on how he could have tried to violate her modesty. Haha.

Anyway, Nuraini and Sookie learnt how to play 'ji ko pa' from the master!!! Which means ME! Haha. Nur was really blur and all. Keep skipping my turn and changing slowly. Sookie was really cute. She put two different signs at the first try. Damn funny. We were all laughing like crazy. And ODAC practice today was super duper great. Dunno why, but it was alot of fun. Not like in the past where its all conditioning. Now we can bargain a lil. I guess Mr tay was just in a good mood. Hope he every practice also good mood.

And one more thing. I need to apologise to Pei shan. Im sorry. I didn't noe you wear the staircase pattern hairclip. I always thought you wear the straight one. So sorry. I changed after i found out. Hope you dun mind. Cos i kinda heard from someone that you were not that happy about it. So, sorry. Didn't mean it. Yupps! Guess thats bout all.

Ok. I'll be off now! -Nites to all-
Sunday, July 11, 2004

Well. Napfa wasn't that bad. Besides the fact that the stupid teacher was 30 minutes late. What an example eh? Bah! Nvm.. Its over. Anyway, we are going to start Bryan's celebration soon. After all our family members come. Heh heh.

Anyway, on saturday, after NAPFA. Yeni and i had a great time huh? We shopped around central and talked quite alot. Very long never lidat talk already. She's one great frined man. So are all the other friends of mine. Oh! And i bought Bryan's present on that day too. To be exact, yesterday. Well, i bought him a remote control car. Haha. He love it! My first REAL present for my dearest brother. I love that 'KONNYAKU' to bits. He is so cute. Haha.

Yah. Me and my mom made cake today. Turn out it wasn't that much a success. Ok. In other words. It sucks! The cream is purple coulour! What do you think?!?!?! Haha. But my dad just went to buy another cake. One made by professionals. Ok. My grandparents are here.

Oh yah. Oh friday. clarissa and me went to watch a movie. MEAN GIRLS. It was a very nice show. But very bimbotic. Extremely bimbotic. With all the dumb blondes in cat fights. Very nice show. Lindsay Lohan ain't that bad lah. She was very pretty. Anyway, the next show i watch is 13 GOING ON 30. I seriously think that jennifer garner is damn pretty. She is GORGEOUS!

Ok. Yesterday, on the way to the show, Clar was very very very blur. She made alot of mistakes. Damn damn blur. Go ask her man. She made us delay our journey. Tought it was another day. went off the wrong station. Tell me to meet her at the wrong station. And many many more blursotong stuff. Haha.

Ok! Bye! Love ya all. Tell you all more about a free dinner i had. And about the celebration. Byes!
Friday, July 09, 2004

Forgot to tell you guys that im having NAPFA 5 item test tmr!!!! WTF?!?!?!? I hate this.. Im so gonna fail my long jump or wadeva it is called. And my 2.4 which is on the 19th of july. Im dead.

Oh yah! Yeni's Bdae is tmr!!! So here goes :


*I love you Aryani !!! You're one great friend ill never ever forget.*

Bryan's Birthday is on Monday. So ill sing him a song on monday. Love ya all! Take care yarhs? ;)

Hello! Wells. Today was quite ok. Had a blast in school today. Did the lit play and all. Logen was damn "pretty". He had to wear a dress, put on make up and wear high heels. He is acting as a lady. I had to dress like a guy. Anna was very reluctant to wear the flowery robe she brought. Haha. Very funny. Logen kept on falling. I was suppose to take a picture of him when he was all dolled up. But i forgot bcos the situation was pretty hectic. Everyone was so nervous and Logen was busy feeling embarrassed. Hilarious! The play was so quick and it REALLY felt as if it was over in a blink of an eye. Serious!

Ok. Went to Orchard with Clarissa today. We were gonna watch MEAN GIRLS. Ha! The show was very nice. I liked it! But as much as i like it, it was the most bimbotic show i ever watched. With all the catfights and dumb blondes(no offence). Haha. Very fuuny - the show. The guy in the show was kinda cute. Lindsay Lohan was great. Ha! She has loads of freckles on her arms. I think that Lindsay was much more prettier than that Regina George(i remember!) girl.

Oh! I met Gladys there. She watched it with her home-mates. Haha. Clarissa saw some of her friends too. Weird. The whole cinema was packed. Me and clar had to sit seperately. But we were just one in front of the other. So its quite alright.

Ok. Now the next movie im craving for is 13 GOING ON 30. I think Jennifer garner is really pretty. The story line of that show is great too. Can't wait. Hmmm. Clarissa is now playing pool with my brother and his friends in toa payoh. The library there that one.

Im so freaking tired. Kies. I had a great time today. Oh. I think clarissa will blog about her blurness today. So go and see(i lazy to type anymore)! If you dun bother to go to her blog, then... then ill tell you next time.
-Nite Nite my dear(s)!-

Thursday, July 08, 2004

Hey guys! Not really in the best of mood now. for one, my eye is hurting me like mad. Secondly, my nose is killing me. And for the third? There's no third. Ahdui! Feel so tired now. Stupid sia. Got NAPFA 5 item test on Sat. So sian. Dun feel like going sia.

Oh. Bryan Birthday is coming soon. Im gonna make him jelly and maybe buy him a bowling set - toy. Well, i skipped ODAC practice & english course today. Really didn't feel like attending anyone of them. The course is so damn boring & ODAC is really pissing me off. Why bother sia? If we wanted to lose weight we would do it ourself. Dun need the damn school to help us. I noe its all for our own gd. I also want to lose weight. But sometimes i think that Singapore is just too interferring. Everything also restrict. Pple wanna be fat also cannot. Im not saying i wanna be fat lah. HAIZ! I just hate exercising lah!!

Why am i so bored now? Can't really figure out. I kinda lost my cool in school today. It was like the last few minutes of school when i lost it. I ignored loads of my friends. Haiz. Just feel very cocked-up lah. Haha. Then i act cool abit. While walking home listen to discman. HAha.

House so quiet now. Never on aircon cos im gonna bathe soon. Dun bother. So, im gonna eat hot dog bread tonight. You know? It's very very nice. Its like not those chilli and mustard kind. Those with the sauce&meat mix. Really really superb. Someday you guys must ask me how to do. Then i teach you. Then you do. Very easy wan. Just open the can of sauce, and heat it up. The put it on top of the hotdog bread. Sir-weet!

Oh! I wanna tell Annabel something. Take care ok? Cos Logen told me she may have dengue fever or something. Sick for 3 days already. Hope she's alright.
Ok! I'll go bathe2 now! Bye.
Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Well. What can i say? I had been PUNK'd by two of my best friends today. Hmm.. Now i know how Justin timberlake, Pink, Usher and those pple that got PUNK'D feel. It is so embarrassing. Logen and Aryani is so gonna get it from me soon. More over Logen promised he will never PUNK'D me before. And he broke his promise. Damn! How can i be PUNK'D? How da hell it all started? No idea. They were like "mandy-Marco. Blah blah blah." I feel so paiseh now.

Ok. The whole thingy was like that: They were suppose to trick me into thinking Marco likes me and want to "sound" me. So i kinda freaked out. I didn't believed them at first but due to their 'constant reminders' & (something i can't deny) good acting. I got into the whole freakish situation. And they managed to PUNK me out enuf that i almost teared. Really scary, i tell you. And although Marco didn't noe the whole trick thing. He acted like as if it was true. Freak! Man! I still cannot believe i got trick by two person that i tought would never do a trick on me!!!

Hmmm.. Nur and Sookie knew about it. But they didn't know it was a trick. They, like me, tot it was true. When i found out the truth. I didn't went to take revenge immediately. I guess i was too relieved that it was all a joke to care too much about revenge. Why? I'll tell you why. Marco is so totally unbelieveable! You won't know what he's thinking of. He's like those kind which can just jump out and hack you to death if you just provoke him one bit. He's not scary though. He's just like, WEIRD!

And Logen told me that some stuff in the trick were true. But i have no intentions watsoever to trust him again. Aryani is ALSO gonna get it from me. How can she do this to me? I haven't even PUNK'D her yet. Logen, i have PUNK'D before. So i can excuse him for awhile. But yeni?!?!?! Your dead gurl.

Anyway, enough of all the embarrassing moments. Back to reality now. Im gonna have tuition in like, bout 30mins time. Maths home tuition with my elder brother. Its kinda cool to see how my brother acts in front of a "teacher". But i just hate the feeling that i have to study. Arghhhh!!!! Hope its a young teacher that will cut us some slack. Not a lod saggy lady who will make us rather jump down my window than sit in the same room with her.

Oops. Better get ready now. Just in case a old piece of sagging skin stands at my doorstep and start pressing the broken doorbell. Hmm.. WISH ME LUCK!!!!
Sunday, July 04, 2004

Guide me through those freezing mountains*

Well. Went to the SYF opening ceremony yesterday. Quite boring for a start. Had to wait quite long for the whole damn thing to start. Quite a colourful event though. Many many songs and dance.

But there's one thing that kept me going on. MIUs*!!! I dunno why. But i have this current 'liking' for Men In Uniforms. And i saw many of them there yesterday. Haha. Ask the pple around me. They were so irritated by me. I kept going on and on about "Respect the MIUs*!" & "Look! So many MIUs*!!!". Haha. Very very funny!!

Then i got a lecture from Sookie. For being too easily "in love". Haha. But i explained that it isn't anything at all like love. It's just like erm, infatuation? I dunno lah. But im sure its not love. Cos love is individual. But saying i like MIUs* is as in, GENERALLY. So it isn't love. It isn't even LIKE, i think.

Ok. Enough about MIUs*. Oh one more thing. when i say MIUs*. I mean MEN. Not boys or teenagers or wadeva shit. Just in case Logen and the guys start telling(or rather, teasing) me that there are some in our school. Haha. Stupid.

But if you ask me if i prefer a rugger or a MIU. I would definitely pick..... A RUGGER!!! Anyways, talking bout Rugby. Im gonna present my topic rugby for Show & Tell.

about the previous posts. Im so sorry. I was thinking of someone really inportant to me. Didn't really realise that im burdening you guys with my troubles. So sorry.

Sometimes i feel as if i don't fit in like i should*
Friday, July 02, 2004

Fuck it(Don't want you back)

Whoa oh oh
Ooh hooh
No No No

See, I dont know why I liked you so much
I gave you all, of my trust
I told you, I loved you, now thats all down the drain
Ya put me through pain, I wanna let u know how I feel


You thought, you could
Keep this shit from me, yeah
Ya burnt bitch, I heard the story
Ya played me, ya even gave him head
Now ya askin for me back
Ya just another act, look elsewhere
Cuz ya done with me


Oh oh
Uh huh yeah
Oh oh
Uh huh yeah
Oh oh
Uh huh yeah
Oh oh
Uh huh yeah

Ya questioned, did I care
You could ask anyone, I even said
Ya were my great one
Now its, over, but I do admit I'm sad.
It hurts real bad, I cant sweat that, cuz I loved a hoe


Oh oh
Uh huh yeah
Oh oh
Uh huh yeah

I hate you! You only noe how to say sweet stuff when you feel gd. when ur feeling bad or better, you sweep me off like some kinda bull*. I hate you! You dunno how it feels dun you? To be push away from somebody you care about. You suck to the core. And when i said that. I mean it!

You send me sweet messages and tell me sweet nothings. but now i dun even hear from you. Wat the F*ck is ur big freaking problem? Hate pple like you. When i asked you, you should have told me. But you just shrug and walk away! Wat kind of attitude r you giving me? If im not gd enuf for u then you shouldn't have started it all. Mother tooting idiot! I hate pple like you. Self-centred Bast**d!

Bring it up then throw it right down an stomp on it. And the IT refers to the crap that is keeping me alive in this world. But still i cherish those times with you. So dun make life difficult for me and you. I dun wanna see you. And trust me. You dun wanna see me. Cos when you see me? *evil laugh* You're dead.

*Damn, i hate this life of mine* / P.s(Sorry for the vulgarities)

Damn. Feeling really crapped up now. Eh. Dunno why. Oh yah. I remember who i forgot to dedicate a shoutout to already. HARRIS!!!!!

Harris*: Hey! This bigshot here! He ar. Always do funny stuff. Im always he playtoy when he's bored. As in when he's bored he'll start sms-ng me. But in school? We kinda dun show it out rite? He always acts like a child. He's really great lah. But hope he wun just walk away. Yupps. Guess tats bout all.harris is not my bf, by the way.

Haha. No idea who da hell is da 'passing' guy. Hmmm. My school? Who?!?!?!? PPLE!! Help me think!

Actually, i realise sumting. This blog is not for me to tell you what is happening in my life. It's actually kinda like a punching bag for me. To vent all my anger, cry out all my sadness and pour out all my happiness. It's quite gd lah. Cos lidat i dun need to waste energy to write journals or wadeva shit*.

Ooooooo. The ice-cream man is here. Wanna go down and buy. But i lazy to walk all the way down leh. How? Haiz. Nvm. There's always a ice-cream man outside my school. So i shall buy one icy-creamy the next time i see him. *Yum!

Haha. I've just been told that i have somehow been crapping alot here. Haha. It's pretty funny though. I like to blog. Must be clar's influence. Oh! Talking bout Clar. She haven't return me back my book. 'YOU BETTER SOON OR ELSE!!!'

Ok. I shall stop all the crapping or pple will start saying i've got nth better to do. Actually, I'VE got nth better to do. Haha. *crap*
Thursday, July 01, 2004

Hello!!!! Today was all-slack-day. Practically, Nuraini and i were talking and crapping around all day. Even through lessons. We were either sleeping or laughing or playing soccer on paper. So funny. Hmm. Finally met this guy Aslam today in school. Haha. To Aslam: "If ur reading tis, HELLO! Didn't say hello to you when i saw you. Paiseh lah. Haha."

Eh. What else? Oh! I actually have to go for this stupid SYF opening ceremony thingy on Saturday. 1pm-9pm sia. Xiao! Of cos, im not going. Its kinda compulsory but i can just ask my mom to sign then i put there "DO NOT ALLOW". Haha. Smart right?

Today was really boring. And its still boring me over now. I wanna watch spiderman2!!!! But nobody can watch with me. Always got CCA or got something else. Why? Maybe im just too free. Haha.

Oh. And somebody ask me if Logen is my bf. Ans? NO. Logen is just like a really gd friend yar? But we have been drifting apart lately. Hehe. Im available and im DESPERATE!!!!!!! Haha. No lah. Im just joking. Got nth to do. So just crap around to entertain meself. Hope you dun mind. ;)

Ok. I gotta go now. My brother is bugging me for the com. Actually, he never lah. Just that i like to say bad things about him. Haha. Bye!