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Thursday, September 30, 2004

Hey heys all!!!! Im really really hyper now cos im chatting with my crush.Heh heh. He seems pretty hyper today.And he's talking more than usual today.I really really like him sia.He's so nice, sweet, cute, and everything nice.

Just now Glad, Ais, Logen, FH, and SL came muh house.I cooked Maggie noodles for them.So good host right?And Logen was scaring Glad and Ais till xiao sia.They screaming and screaming until my ear sore.Then i laf until got sorethroat.They scream until got sorethroat.I think my brother was thinking "WTH are they doing sia?!?!"Lol. But i had alot alot of fun lah.

So now they're all gone and my brother's having a FEVER!!!38. something.Haiz... Exam fever now.Im gonna need to whip up some snacks later cos my mom will be back home with dinner atabout 8 plus.And i didn't eat lunch cos i was very lazy to cook.

Im so bored.But lucky i have HUG-ME to talk to me.But i wonder if its really him.Forget it.Bye!
Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Oh my god!!!! My blogger is actually working again!!! Thanks man!! Thank you!!!! Well, recently.... I screwed up alot of times. But looking at how many times i screwed up. I think these days are just erm... okok.

Firstly, two pple came into my list of friendship. Gladys and Aisvarya.I seriously cannot remember how and when we got close. But somehow we did. And somehow i feel very bad cos i've been neglecting my "old" friends? And i sometimes feel really left out when they talk in a grp without me. But it's not like its their fault. The fault entirely lies with ME!!!

And being with Gladys and Ais is totally drama days. Im also becoming addicted to writing muh diary. Which may be considered as a good thing. Elvis is still officially stuck in my heart. Lol. Of cos, Hug-me is also there. Haiz. But i think im letting him go cos he's attached and all. And i'll be such a slut to go "woo" him. DUH!!?!??!

Hey, it's weird. Now that i can actually type alot. I can't think of anything to write. Hmmm.... Well, im beginning to think im turning really really mean. Forget it! As if i give a damn.
Nvm.. Im becoming moody. Blog another time. Blah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I changed my skin.Nice????

Lil' Miss Crazy*

Hello!! I changed my skin!!
But can't seem to see the words.
Wonder what's wrong.

Test test test
test test test
Saturday, September 25, 2004

Today was all slack day. Mom and dad came home at around 11.30 last night. Bro came home around 12 plus. Tat idiot was suppose to accompany me yesterday but he went to play lan with his frens instead. I was so dumb bored and nobody was free. Haiz. Just now Bryan got a very bad caning from my mum for being stubborn. he cried alot. Then later he slept with me and he just woke up. Ok. tats all for today then. Bye! Posted by Hello
Friday, September 24, 2004

Hello! Im using hello to blog. Dumb blogger can't be used. It's the only choice if i wanna blog. Well, the above picture is my family picture. Took it during Chinese new year. Well, exams are coming and im pretty freaked about it. I seriously hope i get good grades. I cant aford to slack anymore duh! These past few wekks have been a ride of a lifetime man. I almost died. I got new good friends. I decided to do alot of things. It's like these days i totally changed. Hmmm.... wonder if its for the better or for the worst. I can't tpe long cos it'll be very untidy. So bye all! Post again soom! -muacks- Posted by Hello
Thursday, September 09, 2004

Okok. I hate my computer to the core right now.
I wrote post last night.
It got hanged and deleted my whole long post.
I got pissed. So i just leave it.
Just now, i decided to drop by to blog.
The fucking com hanged again.
I got so pissed i whack the damn com screen.
Luckily it didn't crack.
But nvm.
By brother is also pretty pissed off with this screwed computer.

Shit head.
Im so bored now.
Well, i ought to apologise to my art group members.
Im sorry!!!!
Something cropped up last minute.
That's why i couldn't make it.
So sorry.
Hopefully they're not angry with me.
Especially Sookie.
Please dun be angry with me!!!
Im sorry!!!

Celebrated Papa's bday on 7/9/04.
Ate at a chinese restaurant in Raffles Marina.
It was nice!!!
Price was kinda reasonable as well.
We had alot of laughs together man!!!
Damn funny.
And we were acting as if we were some big shot rich pple.
Saying things like "Oh! You see that yacht there? That's mine!"
But ultimately, Im the richest of all.
You see, my father works under my brother who works for me.
You go work it out yourslef eh?

Well, I went to cindy's house on Monday.
Did i tell you all that already?
Can't rmb.
But watever.
I cooked a pretty good meal for them.
And after that i spend about half an hour teaching her how to ride a bike.
She was damn paiseh.
If she see someone walking near us.
she'll pretend to do something else.
I got pretty pissed.
But it was kinda funny.

I think im so dead for my final year exam this year.
Considering that im failing my CHINESE!!!!!
Damn!! I hate chinese man.
I just can't seem to pass that freakin sub.
Which again, pisses me off.
Hmmm.... I hope i get into a good class next year.

I wanna talk to Sookie now.
But she don't seem to be picking up the calls.
It's either she's not home or she's really pissed with me.
Life is really getting really "Pissed-offing".
Everything i do just ain't enough.
Im talking like some depressed bitch again.

Oh!!! I went to look for some Elvis video in the Tp library.
But i couldn't find any of it.
Or rather, i couldn't find anyone who could help me find it.
Haha. But my aunt says Esplanade got loads of 'em.
She's gonna borrow some.
Can't wait.
Then i can go watch it with her.
2 Elvis fans watching Elvis video(s) together.
What can be better????

I dunno why but i think i really got something for malay guys.
Only muh close friends will noe what im talking bout eh? *winks*
Why is it always like this?
Malay girls like chinese guys.
Chinese girls like malay guys.
Weird huh?
Koo-koo sia.

I really hate someone right now.
Apparently im listening to a song that best describes him.
ShitAss. I hope he get knocks down by a car.
Well, He can dun die.
But at least stay in a coma until i die.
Haha. I know.
Im evil. But it's kinda true lah.
I really hope he dies somehow in someway during someday.

It's ok mandy!!
"Forgive and forget!"
Well, that's what im trying to learn now.
Working towards that.
I kinda hate holidays now.
Cos its so boring.
And there's lots of homeworks unfinished.
I need to do it or ill be in deep shit.

I miss Army open house.
I miss those Cute MIUs.
I miss those cool artilleries and guns and those MIUs.
Whoops! Said that already.
I really miss it.
And i really want that nice2 badge!!!
It's so cool!!! I WANT THAT BADGE!!!!!!!!!!

Well, Hapchye is still in thailand having her side of fun!!!
Why can't i be having fun too!!!!
Oh i forgot.
Im "money-less".
And muh brother is somewhere studying and missing her.
Hmmm... i wonder why they can be so loving.
And i can't even find someone to treat that way.
Hmmm... Why?
Shit!!! I dun wanna think about it.
It's either 1....
Im not good enough.
Or 2....
Singaporean guys are becoming wimpy-er.
Or 3....
There's not one single guy that is stupid enough to like me.
Haha. Ok. Im putting myself down again.
Should try to stop that.
Ok. That's bout all for todays!!!!
HAiz. Tata!

*You just dun get it, do you????

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Well, Hello everyone!!
Celebrated Papa's bday at Raffles Marina yesterday.
The food was nice.
Price was reasonable also lah.
I ate until i was damn full though.
And Papa liked the CD i bought for him.
I made the cake noe??
So sweet right?
I noe. I made cheese cake all by my self.
And i did the decorations on myself too!!!

But unfortunately, thanks to my brother and me.
The cake dropped on the floor.
But its still edible though.
Just have to scrap out the top layer of cheese.
And my dumb brother put all the blame on ME!!!
HAha. So much for making the cake ALL BY MYSELF huh?

Guess what?
Last night, i slept with the discman working all night.
Obviously, i was playing Elvis presley's CD.
And today the battery went flat.
You know?
Everytime i sleep alone at home.
Like when my brother is sleeping over at Hapchye's.
I can sleep better listening to Elvis songs.
I won't be scared.
Usually ill be scared cos the dumb air-con makes lots of weird noises.
But if i listen to elvis on my discman.
I'll feel much better.
And then i can go to sleep faster.
Really!!! It's true.

It's just like when i was totally in love with Harry Potter.
I just put the book beside my bed and i can sleep better.
Yah. I noe it sounds like im crazy.
But dunno why it really helps lah.
It just does lor!!!

Hapchye's still in Thailand.
Having fun.
Haiz. and im here all alone at home.
Nobody to talk to.
To play with.

But i just watched the show "WE WERE SOLDIERS"
Damn freakin' nice man.
Mel gibson is a 100% good actor man.
I cried during the show
cos there's this part where it was really touching and sad.
It's really very nice.
If you guys wanna watch it.
Can borrow the DVD from me.
Its a must watch for guys sia.
I tell you it really shows all the emotions and stuff when you're in a war.
My dad loves the show.
I think my brother like it too.
Haiz. I miss the army open house.
Miss the MIUs.
Miss the shootings and guns and artilleries. ;)

Im gonna watch I AM SAM later on.
After i finish blogging.
Im so gonna cry again.
I AM SAM is a really touching show man.
Sure cry one.
But i got nothing else to do.
Other than homework.
Which will only be a waste of time .
Cos once i open the book, ill sleep almost immediately.

Ok!! That's bout all for now.
When i think of something else to say then i'll blog again.
Ok. Toodles!

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Holy ker-moly!!!
Hello everyone!!

Im seriously in love with Elvis presley.
I just visited some of his webbies and i screamed at every picture i see.
May it be a half naked one or a "fully armoured" one.
He looks soooooooooooo good!!!
He is heavenly man.
Like an angel.
He's just so... indescribable.
I dunno how or why i love him so much.
But i just do.
And nobody understands me!!!!
Ok. My mom supports me.
But i think she thinks im mad.
My brother thinks im very out of muh mind.
Clarissa hates it when i sing his songs.
Yeni, Nur, Gladys and muh friends think im crazy for liking a dead man.
Logen keeps insulting him which makes me pretty pissed off.
Ais is ok. She just said Elvis song was a little fast paced.

Haiz. Everyone i know just dunno how great elvis is yet.
Well, everyone except maybe my gu-ma.
She likes elvis too.
Haha. Oh yah!!
I went to Cindy's house just now.
Was planning to teach her how to ride a bike.
But most of my time there was spend cooking and washing the dishes.
No lah. Its all bcos that slowpokey cindy wash the dishes too slowly.
But my dishes were good huh?
Haha. I cooked black sauce chicken and that carrot and tofu thingy.
Jasmine, cindy's sister liked my cooking. I think.
Cindy's mom and cindy liked it too i think.
Can't blame 'em. I cook too well for anyone to dislike my cooking.

Not like clarissa who only noes how to say what a great cook she is.
Haha. Joking only. Better be. Or else she'll hit me again.
Im beginning to think that me and my brother has been a bad influence to her.
She's beginning to be violent. she always hits me and my brother.
Last time if she's angry she'll just go
"Baby!! See!! Mandy's bullying me!!"
But now??? Ka-buish!!!! Im just gonna get IT from her.
IT refers to either a smack or punch.
Haiz. What can i say? She have learnt all that from us.
Fortunately, i have my mother to be a back-up when she tries to kill me.
I'll just shout "Mi!! Clarissa wants to kill me!!"
And she'll stop almost at once.
Haha. Ain't it just so nice??? To make her stop and go whenever i want???

Oh. Sorry.
Back to Cindy's house visit today.
We spent about 30 mins learning the bike.
She managed to go on for about 3 seconds without falling.
I was pretty strict lah.
I keep on threatening her to not hesitate to get both legs off the floor.
But bcos of the thunder and Jasmine being afraid, we got home early.
Which was a relieve cos if i stayed there any longer.
I'll be dehydrated. The weather was extremely humid sia.

Oh!! And friends who know about Hug-me??
Ask me to find out some juicy stuff.
It's very dangerous to put it up here.
Haha. Computers have eyes...
Ok. Im getting a lil' too hyper thinking about Hug-me.

Haiyo. My posts these days are getting so draggy and long.
But ais say i should include more details?
What details? How??
Haiz. I have to admmit something to you guys.
I finally believe im "sweet-looking".
I have no idea why. But when Nur's mom said i was sweet looking.
I was... how to say?? Something just hit me.
I realise how "sweet-looking" i am.
And silly ol' Cindy said i looked sweet bcos of my nose? Or mouth? Or eyes?
She says she like my nose.?!?!!??!?
Which is a very weird thing to like cos considering what big nose i have.
It's not SWEET at all.
But im finally beginning to believe that im not bad-looking.
Which i consider something not-so-good.
Cos it makes me looks abit proud by acknowledging that im not bad looking.
And i prefer to be a very modest lady here!!!!
Haha. Not true.

My mom always nags at me when i tell her how much i hate being me.
Which is true. Who doesn't hate being themselves?
Ok. Maybe those self-centred freaks like Jerrold would not.
But i guess most guys my age would hate being themselves.
Cos its just so damn difficult to LOVE yourself,
when you start to feel all these alienated feelings all at once.
You'll get so confused at stuff.
One very good example.
You are not yet ready for love but are quite desperate for love.
Which will end up hurting yourself cos nobody would want a despo for a partner.
Haha. Ok. Maybe im talking only for myself.
But no matter what. It true that being a teenager these days are really difficult.
May it be that you are from america, Australia, Afganistan or where ever.
Its so complicated to be yourself. Right?

God dammit!!!
My computer just got disconnected while i was typing this post.
Meaning i have to save this post somewhere and reboot my dumb com.
But im really lazy to restart it again.
So ill post this someother time perhaps.
Or maybe later tonight.
I gotta go cook some food and eat.
Clarissa hapchye is leaving for Bangkok tonight.
(Good bye to you my dearest friend*)
Her plane is at 9 something.
she is leaving my brother here in singapore bcos he has exams.
I think they both are very unwilling to be apart.
Haiz. How come they two can so loving.
Yet i can't find anybody to be so loving to???
I sound so despo.
Ok. Buai!!!!

*This post was writen on 6/9/04 @ 8.15pm
Sunday, September 05, 2004

HeYa 'all!!
Today was an absolute blast.
Not only did i see many many MIUS.
I got to try out those cool cool artilleries.
I tell you. I am so gonna include being in the army in my career list now.
Its so damn cool.
You can learn to interact and build up confidence.
And learn loads and loads of stuff in the army.
It'll be a time where you will never forget.

Well, one good example.
My dad. He's a combat soldier.
Cool huh? Im so damn proud of him.
He's about 40 years old now but he still remembers all the details in his army days.
That just goes to show how unforgettable the days in the army was.
I wondar how ill do in the army?
I gotta train. Make myself fit.
Army or no army. Being fit is an advantage whereever i go.
So im gonna exercise more.
Gotta get fit and healthy.
If not i won't get thru those tough training in the army.

Okay. Lets see my career list and who inspired me for it.

Soldier(combat) - Those MIUS i saw today.
Entertainer - Elvis presley.
Marketing manager - My father.

Not bad eh? Im gonna works towards that.
My mom dun believe that i will get my dream job.
She say i everytime "three minutes heat".
Haiz. Im gonna show her man.
I learn alot of things today.
Like how tough it is to protect the contry and all.
And how my dad was such a hero in his army days.
How the army life changed from damn damn damn tough in 1980
compared to the "not-so-tough" days now.
And alot of artilleries are being modified into better versions and easy to use stuff.
Singapore got its own tank which is called the.... er.... Per something.
But it was modified from another thing so it isn't really... you know?
yah. Damn cool.
Me and muh dad went tah do all the obstacles stuff.
We were aiming for the freaking cool badge but no matter how hard we try.
We can't. Cos there were about 3-4 obstacles that we can't do.
Let it be either muh dad was too heavy or i was too young.
So we managed only 9 stamps.
Which qualified us for only a keychain.
But im gonna cherish it cos I worked hard for it.

Oh...! and i missed the flying fox.
I was SOOOOO close to trying it but the dumb rain came and lightning follwed.
So i couldn't. I was like putting on the harnest already lor!!!!
Damn. But its alright. Next time then give it a try lor.
Haha. I really had fun today man.
Ok. Its obvious.
This is like the first time i can talk so much about one topic.
Oooooooooh... I saw many many handsome MIUS too.
Damn cool.
I liked THE RIDE the best.
Firstly bcos i saw many life firing.
Which got me amazed.
Secondly, our "tour guide" was handsome and he was a MIU!!!!
Thirdly, my dad was in the army before.
So he kinda knew alot of things.
That made me gain alot of knowledge too.

I learnt to dissemble and assemble the M16 as well.
And we got this urban warfare thing.
Which made me kinda paiseh cos i didn't even shoot a thing!!!
Ok ok. I did. but it was only after my dad keep shouting at me to "SHOOT!!! SHOOT!!!!".
And i only got to shott like.. 3 bullets before the alrm rang and the BLUE team won!!
Which mean my team won.
But i was damn paiseh.
Worst of all, the instructor - a MIU.
He saw me having so much trouble and he kept asking me to not worry and shoot.
And i... being a dumb dumb as i always am. disappointed him.
My dad was like laughing at me lor!! So bad right???
Even bryan said i was LOUSY!!! Arghhhhhh....

Nvm... Im so in love with MIUs again.
Damn!!! I really saw lots of MIUs today.
And i waved to some when they waved at me (i mean, US) after the whole life SHOOT-OUT.
And i saluted to a cute MIU. And he smiled at me.
Haha. Ok. I now. Im a lil' crazy. I am!!!!
Ohkies. I'll be putting up pictures of today's BLAST!!!
Didn't take much cos we were busy having fun.

Mom didn't participate much cos she had to take care of Bryan and all.
And she isn't the kind of will take risk kinda person.
But i really wanted her to try it out.
But i think she purposely say she dun want cos she want us to have fun.
So she took on the responsibility of taking after Bryan.
What a great mother right? I know. Haiz.

Oh my gosh. I've written soooo much already???
And i still have alot more about today to say to ya'all.
Ok. I tell you next time if i remember. Really got alot of things to write leh.
And not forgetting to mention my darling forever ELVIS PRESLEY.
Haha. Love ya guys!!!
Bye dumb-dumbs!!!

Friday, September 03, 2004

Arghhh.. My stupid com sucks!!!
Always hang and suddenly go offline.
Dumb com. Stupid idiotic com.
I just wanna let ya'all noe.
In every post, starting from now, Elvis will be in it.
You gotto bear with me lah.
Im really in love with him.
Everytime i hear his voice only can't stop smiling.
Haiz. Say im crazy. Say im stupid or dumb.
But he's just to irresistable to be true.
Although he's dead and all, his voice brights up my day.
My mood always become hyper whenever i hear his songs.
Even though it comes from a cd player.
*Im in love, im all shook up*

I got back my term progress card today.
I did well in most subject.
I got A1 for maths!!! Surprise surprise.
Erm. But i screwed up big time for my chinese.
E8-44 marks.
Wah. How to show my mother.
Sure kena scolding.
WORST STILL, later kena tuition sia.
No way im gonna have Chinese tuition.
Any subject EXCEPT chinese.

I just realise that im a very easy target for love.
Haiz. Sookie is right.
I should not so.. er... so.... easily fall in love.
Or even in like with pple.
Hmmm... Must work towards that.
I wonder if i changed these days.
Friends!!! Put comments on me tagboard.
Especially Logen, Cindy, Yeni, Sookie, Nur, Ais.
Must tell me what you think. :)
*I ain't greedy, baby. All i want is all you got*

I suddenly feel like diving and playing golf.
I so need to get a diving license man.
But i think i wait until i grow up first lah.
Now i take already also not much use.
Cos i need to study and all.
How to go diving.
But golf???
I should ask my father and uncle for a game someday.
But i guess my skills all gone already.
Haha. I talk until like i damn pro lidat.
Actually, i suck!! I always lost the ball.
Haha. But golf is fun. (only when you learn how to hit the ball w/o missing it)
My brother ain't the golf type though.
He gave up after he missed the ball a few times.
Rugby. Im craving for rugby as well.
My brother haven't ask his caoch leh.
Yeni and i are gonna join touch rugby.
Cool huh? Yupps.

Okies. Art was damn useless today.
Stupid thing.
Its like a subject from an alien world.
Exactly like chinese.
Take it back aliens!!!
I hate art!!!!!
I hate that dracula teacher too.
He is sooooo... how should i say?
WEIRD!!!!! Gay!!!!! Dumb!!! Blah!!!!!