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Friday, July 16, 2004

  Didn't go to school today. Since it's just half day. Didn't bother. Met Logen and Yeni at 10 for gym session. Went to gym and exercise for about 2 hours. Tired i tell you. But then it didn't really count. cos after that, we went for lunch and ate chicken rice.  IM SUPPOSE TO BE ON A DIET!!! I know. But seriously, i was real hungry and seeing both of them eat wasn't really helping. So i ate as well. And i feel so guilty. Not just bcos i ate chicken rice. I drank a can of coke as well!!! So sorry sookie. I swear! I won't do it again. 

  Anyway, Yeni sabo-ed me by buying me icecream when i already told her that i dun want. Then after she bought she said she's gonna tell on me. What a friend huh? Haha.   After we ate the icecream(s). We went to walk Yeni to the interchange. While Yeni was heading to Yishun, Logen and i were sitting in the HDB HUB and talking. We call it the.... AACIA. Haha. Very funny. We were like "Look! Got terrorist in the building. Let's press the alarm system." , "The kids are here for the audition for our junior spy post. But the boss isn't here. How?"  We met someone on the way that kinda spoiled my mood for anything. But then i decided to pour it all out to Logen. And i felt much better after that. THANKS LOGEN! YOUR THE BEST!! And so, we continued crapping on.  

  Nur gave the 2 costumes to aryani to pass it to me. I tried them on. Im wearing the green one cos it's the only one that fits me. Haha. guess what? My whole family was shock when they saw me in it. They said i really look like a malay. Whoa!!!! HAha. You noe? I kinda like it. Feels really comfy. Cos it's like, silk??? Dunno lah. Just looks nice.  

  So i skipped dinner. Not really skipped lah. Cos i ate hot dog bread. But i ate loads of tomatoes? Does that help? Nvm.