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Thursday, July 15, 2004


Im happy today. I did a maths common test today. It was okay. I think ill pass. Hmmm. I PUNK'D logen and aryani today. Well, btwn them, i accidentally PUNK'D Sookie too. I didn't mean it. So, sookie kinda got a lil angry. cos i promised never to PUNK'D her. But i seriously didn't want to PUNK'D her. Im so sorry sookie. Forgive me pls. If your dict. dun have the meaning of forgiveness. Let me show you. Haha. Sorry.

So, im currently addicted to gunbound. All thanks to Harris Iskandar. He kept pestering me to play. So i play lor. and now im addicted. All his fault!!!! And i just played GB with Harris and Guankai and some Alex guy. Damn funny. Harris and alex keep on arguing. although they are on the same team. Guankai was very good at it. Always accurate. But unfortunately, for me. I suck at it. So im the one that gets my team to lose. Harris says im good at it. But all RUBBISH! i damn lousy. Keep losing money. haha.

Anyway, im really excited. Im gonna wear a malay traditional costume on monday. Nuraini is gonna lend hers to me. Aryani said i shouldn't wear the scarf thingy. But i really wanna try leh. Cos since young i always wanted to wear one. WEIRD! But everyone look so good in it. Maybe ill be insulting the malay if i wear. But just this once?!?!?!? Haha. So excited.