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Monday, December 07, 2009

I wish this post is going to be a happy one. But it's not. If i'm too emo for your style, im sorry.



The answer to the first question... I DON'T KNOW. To some, having a life might be time spent clubbing and going out spending lotsa money and shopping with their girlies and hanging out with their bros and chickiees.. To others, it might be staying home, playing DOTA, facebooking, blogging and watching tv and dowloading movies online. --->WHAT IS A LIFE TO ME? I also dunno.

Sometimes, i enjoy the quiet simple lifestyle of staying home, munching on junk food and just staring at the tv all day and sleeping right after that til the morning dust breezes off my skin. But, sometimes i look at those party go-ers, i see people walking along orchard road all dressed up ready to flaunt it.... Then i see myself, and i become the..... ----> QUEEN OF SELF-PITY, and maybe you can add on self-loathing to that.

I don't like that feeling but it keeps coming to me. I don't like feeling stupid and ugly, wishing i had more to offer the world but knowing that i got nth to give. I go to school after staying up late doing wtv stuff i wanna do. Then i head to work on some days, looking down from the double decker bus/mrt at those shoppers and people walking around, looking like they have not a fear in the world except "what to buy next?"/"where to go next?"/"who will go out with me next friday?"/"oooh... wednesdays... laaaaaadies night! what am i going to wear?"...... etc......

So then i ask myself what im doing this friday.... WORK.... Then i think again, i can cancel work and go have a life! great... But who will wanna have a life with me? Should i... Go club and spend moeny when im supposed to earn money?? Should i.... call out the girls and go shopping when i obviously do not enjoy shopping??? Should i... just stay home and sleep? =/ dilemma? Maybe.. So i decide to go to work.... Then when im at work i look at those happy customers. Pretty ladies in wonderful dresses that shows of the right parts of their bodies to make me wanna touch them in places i shouldn't even be thinking about touching, and men dressed up to impress these ladies... I think to myself, why can't i be like them? Why can't i be pretty and why can't i feel pretty and oooooooze with confidence? Why can't i wear high high heels and low cut dresses and tight fitting pants and sway my ass and get a waitress(me) to wanna touch me in places she shouldn't wanna touch? Yeah.. i don't think, seriously, DON'T THINK any waitress that has served me before wants to touch me in places they shouldn;t be thinking about touching.

Anyway, i think i shall end this post here. Just feeling not too good today... wondering what i should do with my life... I have the urge and the temptation to give in to the temptation of putting my whole life on hold...

On the other hand, today's problem is on PIE KIA. Seriously? Pie kia went to the other pie kia to get another pie kia so the other pie kia(s) ended up taking the toa pie kia and then got pie seh. Their argument got sio sio but in the end, like how all pie kia always settle their arguments they request to see the toa pie kia. IF not they will chin cai beat up all their pie kia(s) and then the entire chain franchises might ... end up in the hands of pie kia(s)... You know what would be the icing on the cake? the cherry on top of the banana split? The whip cream on top of a starbucks coffee? THAT THE STALLS selling the PIES are mended all by PIE KIA(S) with ANG KONGS and SPEAK PIE KIA LANGUAGE. fucking awesome. I'll have those... =) Who wants to get a pie kia from an auntie? seriously... Contradicts the effect...