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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I can tell by your eyes
That youve probably
been crying forever
And the stars in the sky
Dont mean nothing to you
they're a mirror

I dont wanna talk about it
How you broke my heart
If I stay here just a little bit longer
If I stay here wont you
listen to my heart
My heart

If I stand all alone
Will the shadows
hide the color of my heart
Will they be blue for the tears
Black for the nights
we spent apart
And the stars
dont mean nothing to you
They're a mirror

I dont wanna talk about it
How you broke my heart
Oh if I stay, if I stay here
Wont you listen to my heart
I dont wanna talk about it
How you broke my heart
If I stay, if I stay here
just a little bit longer
If I stay here
wont you listen to my heart

If I stand all alone
Will the shadows
hide the colors of my heart


Im using the M1 plug and play wireless at the 4th level of HDB hub now. Why there? cos its the only place i know that has a plug i can use for my laptop. Anyway, i think the more impt qns is why the fuck am i here? BCOS!!! AZIM!!! ZIMSTER!!! ZIMMY!!!! ZIMZIM!!!! called me and tell me his friend cant send him to school anymore and he'll be uber late. And before he said that. We were deliberating whether or not to go to school. So i guess, like a sign from god, we decided that we shouldn't go school. And Zimmy, being the awesome baby that he is.... is coming to toa payoh to meet me. =) Anyway, just to clear things up abit. Zimster, Aiden, Grayce and Vignesh are my FYP teammates. Zimmy and Aiden are closer to me cos we come from the same class since last semester. Grayce and I are pretty tight too. Don't meet much nowadays but i still treat her like a really good friend. Im sure she does too. Vignesh? I treat her as a friend. Enough said about that.

The MAIN point is... WE CALL EACH OTHER BABIES~!! Like baby, honey, darling, dear, sayang... We're love birds. We share our love. And aiden is our sweetheart baby who makes us all frustrated at times and happy and joyful at times. We're just great awesome friends. =) This conversation happened between BRYAN and I the other day.

He was playing with my hp when Aiden msged me.

"Hi baby! tomorrow 1045 am right?"

Bryan, being the damn kaypo kia he is, read the msg and gave me the uber shocked face!
I asked him why?

"YOU HAVE A NEW BOYFRIEND?????????" He exclaimed out lous in the bus with my mum right beside me.

"NOOOO!!!!! WTF??" I shouted back and snatched the phone away thinking WTF would make him think that.

He resisted and read the msg out loud. And my mum looked at me with suspicious eyes.

So i denied and told them that Aiden's my baby. My lil baby brother.. =) Emo brother. Lol..

So Yeah. It was funny. Anyway we went to eat Udders later on after a great meal at Zhou's kitchen. My treat for Zhou's and Mum's treat for Udders. I dun see what the big hoo ha is about Udders. They have a great big humongous black board filled with flavours for customers to vote for what kind of ice cream they want on the menu. Other than that, the ice cream is just, so~so. I ordered four ice cream flavours and only liked one. Maybe ill go another time and see if they're really worth a chance. =) Been hearing so much talk about Udders. Honestly? I think Island creamery deserves to be Queen of Ice cream in my heart. Love the Nutella Ice cream. Coconut Swirl. Teh tarik. They got so many super awesomeness flavours. I guess they're situated at a pretty ulu place. So very hard to find them. They got another at Great world, though i haven't been there...

OH DID I MENTION TOA PAYOH GOT POPEYES!?!?!?! awesome..... !!!! Maybe I'll go with zimzim to Popeyes later.


So today i feel guilty cos i skipped school and i know im suppose to go and all. Im sorry. Hais. Can't wait for it to be over.

ON THE OTHER HAND!!! On the 27th will be the date i take my TP test! Holy shitermollies! Am i nervous or what??!?! I can't fail this man. I really cant?!?! Ill kilm myself and then kill myself again!!! It's just totally fucked up if i fail again. But im quite confident ill pass. But sometimes, cofident is accompanied by disappointment right? Lol.. Knn.. fuck this. Im gonna pass it.

My father say he wun let me drive the car right after i pass. Why? Cos he wun be in town then and he wun let me drive it on my own. He needs to supervise me for the first few rides before he trusts me. His take is that ill need to learn the functions of his car before i can drive it. Im thinnking what special functions his car have? But anyway, its just safety precautions. I have to go thru it. Just wait lor. =( hopefully i get to drive it before i go to Macau. =(


If Aiden reads this while he's in school today. He'll prolly be pissed. Skip school bo jio. Lol. But he can't skip ma. He good boy wan...! Plus today is June Tan! His fave sexy awesome faci. So he wun skip that for US? Who the fuck are we compared to that hott bod of hers? Lol...

thinking abpout school remind me of FYP. Thinking of that makes me wanna close this laptop RIGHT now and forget about it till tomorrow's tomrrow's tomorrow's next week's next week's next day. So yah. fuck FYP.

My grades have been falling like leaves in autumn. Down down down down down. Very bad. THIS IS VERY BAD. But fuck. I really dun see why i should go to school and study shit subjects that im not even interested in. In so many jobs ads. They say PASSION, and INTEREST to be so very the important. Yah lah! OF COS LAH! Stupid matha fuckas. If i got passion ill study my diploma with flying colours also what. CB.



Anw, my facebook is up and running again if anyone gives two shits about it. I ... dun really use it... But i opened it for a reason. To see if a promise was kept. But it wasn't. So i left it open there. Dun go into it often anyway. Dun see a need to. But i guess. To some, Facebook's a must have. No matter how many promises you break and who you hurt, i guess facebook is really very important. So ill keep it open and hopefully one day it's importance will shine on me. It's stupid really. And i was quite pissed really. But wtf can i do? Sit there like a mother fuckin' duck and pretend to be happy. Cos nobody will understand. And im too lazy to explain.


everyone's been getting new phones lately around me. My bro's got a blackberry. My dad's got a Nokia E72 i think. I got a Samsung Omnia 2. And so on and so forth im lazy to go into detail. you get the point. And iphones are so trendy and in now. Black berry(s) are slowly catching up with the youngster nowadays cos they think its cool to own one. Harris got one. Just cos its cool! Lol... Yea its cool lah. =( I don't have mah. So its cool lor! I didn't wanna wait and pay for the iphone so i got the samsung. I dun mind a fucked phone. Just, dunno how to use it. =( I dun think many will agree with me that samsung omnia 2 is a fucked phone. But it is.


what a long post this is. And it's more than 3/4 happy stuff... So yea. Shall sign off here before my happy pills run out and my happiness fades away... =)

Oh, i feel guilty. Went drinking again yesterday. i promised my mum and dad i will stop. Cos they don't like me to drink. Just couldn't help it. the temptation was too strong. Im sorry. =( I wish i was better. Wish ill get better soon. The heart wants, what the heart wants. And a broken heart can only hope to be mended by the person who broke that heart. In chinese, they say, "XIN BING YAO YOU XIN YAO YI". In driect translation? A heart sickness will need a heart medicine to cure. something lidat. It just means that, whoever fuck broke my heart better come forth and mend the fuck away or im just gonna die tomorrow and you'll see how much regret you have in your life! Lol. Just kidding. Means, im all broken inside.

I need you.