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Monday, January 25, 2010

KANTOI - Zee Avi

This song is damn cute.. haha. I think Zee Avi is very talented. and if im not wrong she's malaysian. Tats great. Like one asian singer that i really think is truly talented with the voice and the songs and the ukelele and the guitar. Her songs are very cute too... =) This song sound so dangdut. Lol...

Another song by Zee Avi


LYRICS - (exactly what i wanna say to you allen)

Is this end?
Then why does it feel
We'd only just begun
I thought we were done

I think I'll hang on
If you still want me
But if you don't
I guess I'll move on

And if you need me
Close your eyes and dream
I'll give you back your key
But will you be happy?
Will you be happy?

Said we'll leave it alone
But I wont be here long
And when I'm gone
I guess then we'll know


Today will be gym again with Azim. And then ill be meeting Sam up because he made me a butter cake that i requested for! Lol... Awesome. It's his first time baking a cake and i get to taste it! Lol. And its made FOR me. But i wun be the first to eat lor... lol.... Cos he made a big cake so the peeps at Brussels can eat too. Can't be selfish ma hor?

So today marks the secong day im free. Free to think and do whatever i want. Free to define my new life. I dunno why im counting. I shouldn't really. Just... Wanna be happy. The first day(yesterday), was screwed. I broke down and all. But today will be better im sure.. =)

I realise im very engrossed with songs nowadays. You find me walking on the streets humming and singing to myself. Picking my brains out for song i have long lost touch with. I look like an idiot at times. But songs seem to speak out to me these days. And songs make me happier. Thjey relax me. No matter what kind of songs.

Im gonna call some people out to club soon. first of course will be the veegees. Because they have been bugging me so many times to go with them. So nw that i wanna go i will surely call them out. And secondly will be Logen and Harris. Because we talked about it the last time and i wanna see logen dance. Lolololol!!! =)

so im gonna start planning out my weeks and days. Start exercising more and really try as hard to lose these fats. Need to work out a stricter regime. Cos im starting to become lazy. Ill probably go swimming soon again. Will call Cat up...

On the other hand TANG IS COMING BACK!!! Lol... 31st Jan i think. And WEDNEDAY is my TP!!! Gosh... Im sooo fucking nervous. I gotta pass this man. Gotta be confident... I NEED TO PASS!!! PRAY FOr ME OK? If you pray... IF you're the kind that doesnt pray then JUST HOPE AND WISH UPON YOUR STARS THAT I PASS!!! passsssss.... paassssss......

Shit now i need to go shit. BYE!