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Thursday, January 28, 2010

On a very random note. I recieved alot of emails today from facebook about a tagged photo. It was my Primary school Friend...! Tagging a pri 6 photo and saying there should be a gathering soon in March. Facebook... Seriously, EVERYONE'S using it. I feel lousy for not using it and for not seeing the meaning of facebook. Like im stupid or something. I just don't like facebook. But i guess its funny cos you get to find people you know there and you get to know more people and you get updates and all from friends. Get to play games that has no purpose. Get to check out hott guys and girls. Get to share your life at facebook. Another very popular way? Twitter. I really dun see the purpose. Well, its a media i guess... People just wanna be famous and i guess now its so easy to get that kinda fame. Just have a few thousand fans and you're prolly the top of the charts anytime soon. Youtube also... =( I really dun see meaning in this world that im living in. I dun see happiness.. Not those simple happiness... And i hate being pressured by the society to be real. I wish we had nothing to worry about.... just whether we get to eat, get to love, and get to sleep and shit and no the simple necessities in life to survive.

WHY the fuck did god even create human? Nothing-ness wasn't good enough for him? Wtf. =(

Im emo today. Maybe cos i felt i sucked at driving yesterday. Although i passed my TP. I drove my dad's car at night with him beside me and i felt like i was the lousiest driver ever on earth, besides being a very lousy daughter. .... =( Then Tang let me drive his car, and Allen bought me a P-plate for tang's car. And i drove myself home and i think i sucked pretty much too. I just didnt get the chance to suck cos it was the highway and there were little cars. =( I felt like i passed the test but i suck on the road. I really doubt my abilities after last night. But they all say i just need to gain more confidence and get use to the car. But how come other people so fast drive like pro then i drive like shit? =( Woman driver. Maybe like what Harris always say...

"Women should just be locked up/chained to the kitchen"

I wish that was half true. I wish women need not work and we can just be contented and happy staying home and cooking good meals. I hope there is no such thing as work. I wish god created humans just to breed and make love and breed and survive and breed and communicate and be contented and happy. Maybe it's all PANDORA'S fault. =( Fuck pandora. She should burn in hell and die... Humans would have been awesome if there were no bad stuff involved... Haha...


School is boring today and im tired. =( Now everyday i have to think what to do and plan for the next day and plan for the weekends. I guess i got my wish ain't it? Free now... So free.... Dunno where to put my focus on... Currently just trying to focus on being healthy and fit and getting over the bad stuffs.

I wish i had a boyfriend now... no offence to friends and family. I just wish i had a boyfriend now. Like somehow what Harris say sometimes maybe. I just yearn to love and for the love to be reciprocated. Just want that someone to waste time with. Someone who sahares the same thoughts as me and share the same realizations as me and are of the same level of thoughts with me... Someone i can talk to... I want the best friend boyfriend. thought i found him, i was wrong...

I want someone to hug me to sleep... =(

Je veux que quelqu'un me regarde dans l'oeil et me dise i' ; m tout il vit pour. Je veux qu'il le dise avec la vérité dans ses mots. Seriez-vous cette personne ?

What im doing,..... Is it wrong??? Am i making the right choices?

I know im smarter than that... I AM!

Please... Don't judge me... =( Ce monde fonctionne des manières mystérieuses…

Mon émotion me ruine.... =( Pourquoi won' ; t vous sauf moi ?