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Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Tomorrow is TP date. And i tell you i fucking need to pass it! I know i said many times already. Just need to reinforce the thought in my head. After TP will be going out with my mum and Bryan. Shopping because my mum wants to. Cant wait for tomorrow. Im excited and nervous.

So im talking to my brother Wilson on MSN now. and i miss him. We talked about how we're doing now. And i told him about Allen and me. And he told me he knows how i feel. And he's on the same boat. I know we are. He told me that we're similar. And i guess it just got me all sad and stuff. I dunno. and we were talking about a holiday. Just a lone... Just to get away from stuff. I wanna go Australia alone. He wants to go Europe i guess. I just wanna get away from all this for awhile. Just relax and go on a holiday myself. Or with a couple of friends.

I might be thinking of going to Genting soon with Azim. And i will ask Aryani, Fateha, Harris and others along. So see who wants then can go as a group. I dun mind a group holiday to Genting. Since Genting is so crowded, the more the merrier.

so yesterday i watched the show "HACHIKO".. I had plans to cry during the movie cos i had the impression the show was a DAMN touching show. but i guess i ran out of tears or the emotions just fled away. I stay dry yesterday. He even bought tissues for me just in case but i didnt need it. Haha. It was an okay show if you ask me. 6.5/10. The whole "it's a true story" thing is cool. But i think they could have drama-fide it a lil more. But it made me want a dog even more. =( I want a dog... I want a DOG! Im gonna ask my mum tomorrow for a dog for my birthday... =( I WANT DOG!!!!

I feel like going swimming today. Maybe i will... Swim. Gym yesterday wasn't as effective as the previous. I didn't eat the whole day before i go and i felt weak and lethargic. But i did lots of cycling and leg exercises. Did light weights for awhile. And did some triceps exercises. So hopefully i get better and start exercising more. I lost 2KG!!! in about 3 weeks i lost 2KGS!!!! WOOOHOOOOO!!!

Im so fucking happy lah.. 2KG!!! So now im 78kg.. I used to be 80kg. I know. Fucking fat-tard. Fatty bugger. BUT GOOD NEWSS!!! I LOST 2KG!! Very happy about that. Will keep myself motivated... Since now i got lotsa free time. I shall eat healthy, plan healthy and stay healthy.


I wanna thank everyone for all the support they gave me so far. Thank you for giving a shit about me when i thought someone else should be the one giving a shit instead. Thank you for not judging me badly and pushing me away. Thank you for your words of encouragement and for comforting me when i realise i cant depend on him. Thank you guys for telling me i can move on, and that time will heal my wounds. Thank you for letting me see that there is a whole world ahead of me waiting for me to blossom into the beautiful flower that i am. Thank you for telling me i tried. For every thing you guys said and done for me. I truly appreciate. Whether you have your own problems or not, you guys gave a shit. You guys ask me if im ok. You guys gave me tissues when i needed them. You guys remind me when i needed reminding. Adn you guys made joke when you see that ive cried enough. Thanks.

I'll let it go. Bit by bit. I just need to give myself some time.




TODAY WAS GREAT! I felt great. I felt happy today. I met up with Isk after school for a couple of cigs while we chatted. Isk met Azim for the first time and he ask, before Azim came " Handsome anot you friend?" Lololololol... guess what was my answer???? Lol....

And Isk told me this... "Why when you were feeling so down after your break up, why never call us or sms us?" ..... And i told him its because i didnt wanna make them worry and i didnt wanna make it seem to them as if i was weak and couldn't handle it. Just didnt wanna bother them with it. And then he said this, which touched me.... "Its times likethis you gotta look for your brothers man! Just sms us or wtv... We your bros man!"

at that moment i nearly teared sia.. honestly... But i held it in because it'll be uncool and it'll spoil the awesome-ness of the moment... Hahah... I felt great after that. After that, i decided to go swimming so i went home to wait for bryan and brought him swimming...

It was great!!! I played with Bryan and we had fun... We had so much fun... Lol... I really had fun... =)

Im trying....