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Monday, February 01, 2010

Hello my people!! =)

I had a whole load of shit to blog about today and i've been thinking about them since 2 days ago. BUT!!! I totally forgot wtf i wanna blog about... =)

So lets start with Saturday. I helped Vanessa out with her flea market at SMU. Business was okay. Much better than the Arts house one. =\ she got me an awesome dress and i bought myself another. =) She gave me a heart shaped pendant that is AWESOME! Vanessa's just damn awesome. She OOOZES awesome-ness everywhere!! Lol....

Sunday(yesterday), i drove around in my dad's car here and there with my family. I STILL suck.. But im getting better. =) So i drove and i was happy because i was with my family and we had fun. My dad wasn't in a bad mood or anything so everything was good. =) After that around 8plus i went to meet Harris, danny and Tk. It was awesome. They bluff me about peeing on the chair that creeped me out a whole lot. after awhile we headed to the fake RK and ate. Then home.

When i reached home i was so tired. I didn't wanna wake up this morning. =(

Azim is late. Oh and today is gonna be GYM with zimster again. Harris and danny ask me to do more cardio if i wanna lose weight. So im gonna do more jogging and bicycle and striding today. =)

did i mention is have a clean and awesome cupboard now thanks to ahzim? Haha. Im so thankful.. =) I hope i dun mess it up anytime soon. Haha..


If Harris taught me right, it means, if someone wants to do something, there's a thousand ways he can go about doing it and he WILL do it. If he doesn't wanna do something, he'll just find a thousands excuses to not do it. It's sort of a malay proverb i guess...

I guess its true. and i shouldn't justify anyone's excuses anymore. I think.... I think tiny steps by tiny steps im letting go and moving on. I just hope that that emotional time-bomb in me doesn't explode soon. Cos i've just recovered from some cut and bruises and i don't wanna deal with another injury. =( My wound just healed a little and i dun wanna get hurt again. I wish my emotions would help me on this.

My dad went to vietnam this morning. And My mum and Bryan will be joining them on the 5th. And on that day, My friends will be coming over to have a slpover sort of party i guess. Well most of them are guys so saying slp over party sounds gay. fuck. I mean they're coming over to have awesome fun!! Lol.. That just sounds wrong... They're great friends that would teman me while im all alone at home with nobody to rely on. Im thankful for these friends. =) We've decided on that day maybe we'll have a Russell Peters marathon and laugh the shitasses off our heads. It's seems like it gonna be fun. Well, with them? Nothing is not fun... =)

so this weekend i have them to spend my friday and half a saturday with. Then ill be alone til Sunday not knowing what to do. I haven't plan yet. Maybe go for a swim. Or a jog. Or maybe, just a little maybe i might be home nursing a bad hangover. But i doubt it. I don't think we'll be drinking much. Not like that day anyway.

Wednesday is FYP presentation day. Cant fucking wait for it to be over.

fucking fuckermollies .. i think i got a crush on you... again.... =( I'm not supposed to.

I want to be happy. I want my emotions out of me. I wanna be a boy. =(
Fuck im becoming emo. Will go now. Bye.