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Thursday, February 04, 2010

Hi. actually today i wanted to upload more pictures. But then my phone is fucked up and i cant connect it to my laptop to load those new photos. =( Fucked up.

Anyway breakfast/lunch was awesoome. Ate beef bolognaise bake rice at the cafe library. With Azim and Aiden. Its a good place to hang out and the food is ok too. =) But the service is a bit fucked and their supplies are always not enough. Not enough cheese, tobasco sauce, blah blah blah... =/

So now the class is looking at videos of my faciliators's kid. Haha. and they are all going "soooo cute!!!" Well, i think all kids are damn cute. angels sent to us to save the shit out of us. =) And just now they looked at half naked pictures of an RP girl that were posted online. some malay kiddish looking girl that took pictures of her breasts at a park. Why the FUCK would anyone wanna put her own breats pictures online unless she wants to be a porn star or wants to be famous with her dingy-dongs? Fucking dumbshit. Some people just don't think. But she took those boobies pictures with her boyfriend kissing her and hugging her. so basically. She was flaunting it. I don't get it. She looks like a kid with big boobs! Scary. If i saw her with CLOTHES ON! I'll say she looks cute and innocent. After i saw the photos... I realise sweet and innocent people are so capable of doing not-so-sweet and fucked up stuff.

honestly? I think almost everyone has tried taking a naked photo of themselves before. Or maybe sometimes we just take sexy pictures to see how we would be like as sluts and pornstars. But i guess we dont go to the extent of keeping them... More to the extent of SHOWING THEM ONLINE?? Passwords can be broken into sayang.. Sex.... Such a world of maniacs out there.. Wonder why god created sex. Or lust. Human race should DIE. I dont see how good overcomes bad in this world. All i see is the bad thiings people do and others trying to reclaim their reason to live by doing good things. Everyone has a motive.

I think i'd like to watch the show "THE LEGION". My brother told me its stupid but the storyline seems awesome. Because apparently GOD wants to exterminate all of human race by sending ZOMBIES to kill human. And there was some angel or soldier of something that thinks that there is still HOPE in humans. He's wrong... Humans are becoming fuckier-upper by the MINUTE! Emotions and education and all those fucked up things are making everyone become monstrous. The most innocent people that deserves hope would be babies that have yet to learn how to walk and talk. Once they learn how to adapt to the human race. I guess they're all condemned already. Babies and angels until they learn how to be human. Fuck the human race. If i had one wish. I'll ask god to finish the world up with one blow. and keep the babies in heaven.

WTF? Why i so fucked up today? Lol. Sorry.

Yesterday was totally boring and fucked. stayed in school til 5pm to do nothing at all after the presentation. It went ok. Nth bad, nth good. So im not expecting much. So we just slacked and played games and do nth. =(

After that i went with Azim to go Acer to fix his laptop. Acer's fucked. Fix so many times still cant fix it. Then make Azim go here go there. Nabei. If i was azim i would have fucked them upside down and make them give me a another laptop for replacement til they prove to me my laptop is fucking fixed. got warranty mah... He didn't pay extra for 3 years warranty just to get this kind of shit. Especially when UT is just around the corner.

ANYWAY, HIGHLIGHT OF THE DAY!!! Was at night when i coincidentally, accidentally, awesomely bumped into ARYANI BTE RAHIM!!! That awesoe girl made my day. We had so much fun and finally had POPEYES!! =)

I've been slacking alot this week. Havent been exercising. =( Im very disappointed with myself. I have to re-motivate myself again. And cut down on food again. My motivation has been wavered. So i have to be determined all over again. Maybe go swimming again.. =)

Ok. smoke break!! BYE! =)