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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

IM SO SAD TODAY!!! =( NABEI CB!!! KNN PB PCB...... !!! Narnia! Dont know what the fuck happened. After Bryan use it yesterday my fucking laptop sort of restarted and everything was gone!!! I try to restore it over and over again but it just keeps erroring!! NABEI PCB... Im damn fucked up now. I was in a good mood until i on my laptop. FUCK!! All my pictures gone. All my music. ALL!!! FUCK!!! My pictures!!! My fucking pictures!!! =( NABEI I WANNA CRY.... =(

Fuck i wanna cry....

I was happy just now. Because last night was awesome. I finally got the kinda drunk feeling i wanted since months ago. I finally get to feel it. So yesterday was Harris's sort of drinking birthday party. Danny, Gk, Gy, Nick, Zan, Tk, Brandon were there including Harris and myself. Went to Cuscaden for drinks. Jugs and Jugs of Beer. And Shots for the birthday boy. Played drinking games. Met around 8-9pm and some knocked out before 12. So yeap.

BIRTHDAY BOY LEFT EARLY!!! WTF!!! Lol... I got pissed drunk after that and Gk had to bring me home. Im so grateful. And i feel bad. And it was so epic and so unglam for me cos i went into the mens room and puked. Lolololol... Not as bad as what the birthday boy did. Lol.. And i guess i wasnt really that drunk. Just tipsy and very tired... But i had fun. And i enjoyed myself and i feel bad. Cos i didnt get to pay in the end and i dunno who paid. I wanna chip in. We drank quite abit.

I read the book NEW MOON. Loved it. Wanna watch the movie. Feel like a bitch for not watching it when it came on screen. Regrets. Now i cant find the DVD or VCD anywhere. Not even in Malaysia. I mean, the pirated one is blur and all so my friend didnt buy for me.

Im so super sian now. Feel damn fucked up. nothing to do. Its a weekday and i got no school! thats fucking awesome. No more school anymore. Need to start looking for a job seriously. No joke anymore. Must plan out everything sui sui... Hopefully i land a good job on my hands.

My parents are at the Singapore Casino now. Oh... Macau was great. But the down part is we lost a whole fucking lot of money. yeah. but it was fun. Til the end of the trip it got a bit boring cos losing money makes you feel fucked. But food was good. Very expensive trip. Wont go there again maybe til i've got 10,000 bucks in hand. Haha.

Ok. please pray for me that somehow miraculously my lappy will heal itself and restore all my pictures. I dont care about anything else. Those pictures are very iportant to me. They're my memories. I got to have them back or ill cry real bad everytime i think of my loss. Lolol.. Knn... Very emotional time for me... Wanna go cry into the pillow and hope to die now..