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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

The moon represents my heart in a different version by David Tao. GREAT SONG. Bring me to tears sometimes. I dunno. I just got something for old songs. The true version was sung by Theresa Teng decades ago. I dunno. This song speaks so much of what i wanna say. What i wanna express. Maybe it doesnt sound anything in english. But if you think about it. Just like how the moon changes shape. Love changes too. I guess now... Im in the eclipse.

Eclipse of the heart.

Haha.. I love this version. Lol. Vulgar and fucked but full of emotions. Lol..

"Once upon a time i was falling in love. NOW IM FUCKIN FALLING APART"

Valentines day is coming. I've never hated it as much as i hate it now. I'll be there for you... i dunno. YOU seeing this? Haha...

I dunno how to talk to you anymore. =( I just cant figure you out lah. Nabeiisss... But this song. Is for YOU.

I feel fucked today. I dunno. Im scared... =( maybe im just pmsing. or just being the same ol emo me. Just not a good day.. =( I hate being kept in the dark.. =(

:'( :'< :""[ :"| :( SObz lah cibaisssss. =(