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Sunday, February 07, 2010

Part of a conversation yesterday with a friend went....

Him : "So is he doing anything? Like are you guys still talking?"
ME : "No. Nothing. Just a couple of goodnights and take cares. Nothing."
Him : " hmmm... Maybe he's going for someone else already? All i know is that he is very active on facebook now."
ME : "Really.. ahaha.. cool... Maybe..."

Yeap. If you know me well enough the last sentence was meant to be sarcastic. And after that.... Another conversation went with another friend...

Him : "So did he do anything? Like call you or ask you out?"
Me : "nope.. nothing... no call. no sms. no initiative."
Him : "hmm, i wonder why? Has he given up?"
Me : "I guess so. I dunno. Why dont you go ask him?"
Him : "Maybe he just doesnt know what to do...?"
Me : " even an idiot knows what to do if he says he wanna be best friends or even friends."
Him : "Yeah... Hmmm... I dunno... You know why?"
Me : "NO??"

I really dunno what to say to our friends anymore. Am i suppose to do some thing? Am i suppose to mourn the death of the relationship i held so tightly on to? Nabeis... I feel like dying today...


On the brighter note!! My parents and Bryan are back!! And im not all aone at home anymore... My dad is sitting beside me watching tv now. So now i feel human presence. I guess im not crying anymore.

Today i woke up and i dunno why i started singing songs. Sad songs. Like literally immediately after i wake up i just started singing OUT LOUD. And then i started to cry... And then i slept back again. I woke up at 5pm wondering what the fuck to do. And then i mop the house. All i can say, today was weird... VERY weird...

Friday night was... erm.... ok lor..... What to say.... Im sorry it wasn't as fun as the last time. Maybe because Harris isnt here. Or maybe because i wasnt in the mood by the time Danny and Isk came. I dunno. Just didnt go as expected. Dun wanna elaborate.

Tomorrow is start of UT3. My last one week of school. I hope ill do good. Tomorrow is also the day ill head out to Malaysia with my friends. So its great.. Hoping to have some fun there.

Last night was spent with Tang. Was great!! He let me drive all around. We had fun talking about evry thing and sharing stories... tang is great... Still great in my books.. =) I went home at 6am. Haha. Wtf man.

This post is soooo all over the place!! Knn. Cheebais... Ill go now. Bye ...