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Friday, June 04, 2010

YES AFIQA.. I read your blog from time to time.. =)
And when are you gonna ask me out?  =)

HAHA! My mum thinks im going mad due to boredom from work. Well, maybe. WHY? Cos i spent the last week doing mostly reading while at work. READING WHAT YOU SAY? REading HARRY POTTER!!! =) LOL. And if any one of you know me well enough. You know that i love Harry Potter(HP). Not just because its awesome. But because my dying wish will be to live as a witch like HP did. Or at least be Ginny weasley in the end. LOL.

OK. So, i read the book and i found myself tearing at the sad parts and laughing and giggling at the happy and funny parts. WHILE AT WORK!! And... At home, yesterday, i was bored too... So i went out, took a peacock feather thingy and used it as my wand. I sprayed water on Bryan while using the spell "Aguamenti", and I trie dto "Stupefy" but i guess i didnt really mean it so it didnt work.. HAHA!! K..

Yes i AM going CRAZY... I want to be a witch. In the past, being a witch is like evil. Bad and scary witches... UNTIL HARRY POTTER!!! SO... Fuck you. Im a witch. Tell me otherwise and ill petrify you. LOL... Yes you bastards im a mother fucking witch. LOL... CB...

So i found this online. LOL... An alternate funny ending to the last book. LOL..

“And that, children, is the story of the battle of Hogwarts,” said the pale old storyteller as he closed a massive, well-worn book.

“Professor,” said a young red-haired girl, “is that a true story?”
“Of course is it sweety, of course it is.”
“How do you know?”
“I was there,” the old man said, and the young girl’s eyes widened with excitement. “For I am Lord Voldemort!!!”


I laughed buckets full of snort when i read this. I dunno why.. The bugger that made all the alternate endings is damn hilarious. LOL....

Love these songs.. =)