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Monday, July 12, 2010

I need to watch Grey's anatomy Season 6.. I need to watch it so badly i will pay anyone who gives me the whole season of GREY'S ANATOMY. I want easy access like just plug and play kind of shit. Im so sick of watching these stupid shows on megavideo.. Which by the way, doesnt even let me finish watching the show. =( I hate this. And out of curiosity i watched the first half of the last episode of Greys.. And it was soooo exciting!!! BUT i didnt know what was going on!! Wow. There REALLY are sooo many twists in that show. =( I NEED TO WATCH GREYS SEASON SIX!! I'll consider being slave to the person who lets me watch it, without having to go through so many means to watch the fucking show.

Oh. And i watched most of PARENTHOOD too. Which is, also, a fucking awesome series. Really brings out the happy and sad and angry and irritating moments of being in a family. A family that is not perfect at all. But ultimately still has each other's back. And yeap. I dont know. I feel a kind of connection with that show. Makes me wonder how having my own family would be like. I mean, like me being the mum. Not the rebellious young fuck with problems all over the place. So yeap. =\

Greys Anatomy.. AND ... Parenthood. I... NEED...!!! PLEASE!!!!  Help me. I dont ask for much..              =(     LOL...

OH... and its Bryans birthday today. I went with my family to US yesterday. US = Universal Studios. Nothing to shout about. Couldnt take a lot of rides. After queueing for abou an hour the most exciting ride available broke down. SO yeah. Spend 70 over bucks per person for lame ass rides. Except the MUMMY ride. Which was fun. =) But thats about it. Bryan was being a brat too so there were ups and downs. But after all, a good experience. I hope Bryan enjoyed it. Was dead beat SHAGGED after that. Went home, SLEEP..!! =)

2 days ago was Aryani's bday. And i couldnt celebrate it with her due to other priorities. So i feel bad and im sorry. But yeah. Her bday can be any other day with us. =) OOOH... On the other hand. Fateha has been given the green light to drive her family car!! That is GOOOD!!!! LOL. So we went Simpang Bedok to eat the other day. Yummy steak that i havent had in so long. And chickeny stuff. =)

So tonight is THE MASK RESTAURANT for my family and I. A sort of birthday dinner for Bryan. Plus i promise that ill bring them there to eat.  =) Another hole in my pocket. Hope it'll be a small hole though. =(

What else do i have to update.... ?? OH YEAH. My plan is to save about 4000bucks by mid next year. So that. I can bring Bryan to Australia. During the June holidays preferably, cos i want him to experience really cold weather. So 4k is just about enough to cover that.. If i scringe and save and dont over spend at Australia. $4K should be just nice. =) Sigh. Money money money. What would we be without the desperate need for money? We'll be sooo rich... So fucking rich. Rich without money. =(  Maybe im just saying that cos im poor. =( Okay fine, im not poor. Just not rich enough. Who is? Who's ever RICH ENOUGH? =\

OH how... Oh how?? Do i save up so much money!!! =( And after that trip. I have to start saving ALL over again. =( These thoughts... KILLS ME.. =(

So yeap. Living it a day at a time. Trying to ... be happy. =) Pictures and all next time.. !! =)