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Monday, July 19, 2010

Read Logen's blog and reminded me of the kind of crush im having... LOL. This is HILARIOUS! I feel like a teenage girl again. All the CRAP with admiring and looking longingly and feeling all clamped up. NOT COOL... Haha. I should stop talking about it. Lest it becomes super obvious. And trust me, this feelings should never go anywhere near obvious. Consequences are HUUUU-fuckin'-MONGOUS. Cant seem to get the thoughts outta my head. I need another distraction. =)

Hmmm, I'm gonna put up some pictures from my exhibition last month. So you know how my colleagues look like and how my working thingy is. =) HAHA.

This is the kind of racks my company manufactures and sells.
This is made for exhibition use only. Usually it has doors and such and is used to store servers.
Also known as Server Racks or Equipment Racks.

From left: Vincent (Sales Director of partnering company that manufactures and sells PDUs)
George (Also known as my Managing Director)
Alphonsus (Also known as UNCLE, my Sales Manager, BDM)

My two relatively new sales colleagues.
From left: Tom, David
Very friendly and helpful. Always looking out for me. =)

From left: Fennelle (MD's Cousin)
Michelle (Accounts person)

From left: Mr Sun Bin Yong (Engineer)
Kannan a.k.a Superman (Engineer)
The rest i have already introduced.

The lot of us. Not inclusive of many others who were not around at the exhibition on that day.
3rd from left is Selvam a.k.a MAMA
4th from right is Ah Leng, our helpful friendly production supervisor.


So, YESsssss... Now you know the people i work with and who they roughly are. Awesome? Go think again. HAHA! Credits to those who are nice to me thats keeping me here. =)

Hmmmmm, lets see what else i have to blog about, that is happy...?  =)  

OH - OH!! MY HAIR IS GROWING!! Not as quickly as i hoped. But it is. I soooooo missssss my long fucking hair. Dont know. Made me feel prettier. LOL. Short hair makes me feel rebellious and butchy and wanting to get into fights all the time. And not bothering to look good. LOL. I cant pull off short hair. STUPID. =(


You know what? Im going to watch Lion King all over again.. =) LOL.. I dont know. I need something. Somethings missing and till i figure out what is it that im missing or forgetting. I will, watch plenty of movies and do happy things. =)

Prolly need some alcohol in my system. LOL. No worries. On wednesday, its drinking session with colleagues. Im thinking, AWESOME!!  =D Happy happy shit.