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Thursday, August 05, 2010

TODAY'S POST : OLD SONGS CLASSIC NICE SONGS // CHINESE SONGS // MOSTLY BY EMIL CHAU (Zhou Hua Jian) // AWESOME !!!! // Some Of My Favourite Chinese Songs.     =)


NON-EMIL SONGS     The last song, video is cute. And it has english translation. So, if you're curious.. =)


END OF BORING YOU TUBE POSTS... Actually. I post all these songs so next time if i wanna listen to them i just have to come to my blog. HAHA. For convenience sake.

By the way? Emil Chow/Wa Kin/Hua Jian .... is a damn good singer and song writer... =) His songs are really good... =) Plus he's a good artiste... HE's friendly and modest. LOL. How i know? Cos my mother say so... !! WAHAHAHA!!