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Monday, September 06, 2010

New Job started. My 4 th day today.

Am slightly early at work so decided to sneak in a post. No time for pictures.

Sorry. =(

Celebrated dad's birthday at KUISHINBO last night before sending Wilson back to camp.

Was fun. Had fun. Bought Dad a coin pouch that he has been wanting to get since his is old.

Went home. Sleep cos today i had to wake up at 5 am... =( Sucks. Somehow i wished i stayed at jurong.. =\

Went to visit my grandparents's ashes yesterday too. I cried abit but had to hide the tears cos everyone else was there..

I miss her. I miss my grandma... =(  And I cried at night cos i missed her. And i dunno what came over me. I started talking to her. Out loud. Asking her where she is and if she is listening. Then i told her about the shit im going through. And all the memories of her looking after me and her last few months came floating back. Then i cried myself to sleep.

Sigh. I wish she was still around. I never knew how much she made me happy untril she was gone. Crap.

Oh yah. Some thoughts came to me this morning while i was taking the train. About life and the devil and such. No time to blog about that. =) Another time..