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Friday, December 24, 2010

I was doing good...
I was happy and all hyped up for Christmas last night.
I was all crazy about christmas.
Thne today happened.
Work happened.
And sucked out all the happy in me.
WHAT in the HELL is a festive season?
When everyone else gets half day off and you get a QUARTER day off.
What's the fucking difference?
I stay in TPY. I work in Jurong. =(
By the time i reach home everyone's snuggling up to their loved ones saying


I hate this.
I wanna leave everything and leave... =(

Sucks... But yeah. Im trying hard to be happy.
HARD!! Like real HARD!
Cos im gonna try to be a great host to tomorrows party.
And this requires some planning.
And this requires spirit and motivation.
Which i feel the minute spent in the office i sucking everything out.

Hatyai is still not out of my mind...
And I still cant get over how awesome spending time away from Singapore is...
I wanna fly away.
I wanna be a bird.
I wanna be a fucking bird that migrates all the time.
To better greens when winter comes.
I wanna FLYYYYYY.....

Fuck work. 3PM knock off...