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Sunday, October 02, 2011

Well, I've been thinking a lot on one particular sentence Allen always told me... ''What's yours will be yours, what's not yours will never be yours even if you fight as hell to get it...'' So i guess, he's right... And i do wanna believe in that phrase.. It's just my whole life, i was raised to believe that you gotta fight for what you want... That if you want something, go get it... Doesnt matter if its difficult or if it's almost impossible... Just try! So how? How can i suddenly learn to accept that whats yours will be yours eventually...?? Im trying... Real hard to just let things be... Don't have to think so much... Act as if you know ''God has a plan'' for me... Fuck this is so difficult... :( I need to learn to accept that not all things i want will end up mine... :(