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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sometimes I wonder what I mean to people around me?
Am I important? Do my words and actions have an impact at all in your life?
Or am I just a passing cloud?
Even for those who I am close with and believe for sure they do truly love and care for me...
I still wonder if I mean anything... Do they just enjoy spending time with me?
If I'd leave suddenly would they miss me?
Would they cry for days and days hoping I'll come back?
I mean, I feel important when I'm with them...
But when I'm not, I feel like I'm easily forgotten...
Am I? Easily forgotten?

I think my self-esteem has gotten so low I put no worth to myself..
I don't see how important I can be to anyone...

Aryani, Who am I to you?
Fateha, Who am I to you?
Harris, Who am I to you?
Iskandar, Who am I to you?
Danny, Who am I to you?
TK, Who am I to you?
Logen, Who am I to you?
Ais, Who am I to you?
Vanessa, Who am I to you?

G, Who am I to you?
Y, Who am I to you?
J, Who am I to you?
B, Who am I to you?
E, Who am I to you?
S, Who am I to you?
A, Who am I to you?

So easy to categorize.. Im either a friend.. A good friend.. Close friend.. Best friend.. Girl friend... or wtv..
But who am I in your heart? What place do I hold? Would I ever be replaced? Would you care if i told you every day I'm not ok... And believe that I'm not ok? OR would you be cynical? And tell me you understand but actually inside you're thinking " Bleah.. She'll pull thru.. She's just beinga  drama queen..."

Why is it so impt? because we all live for something/someone...
and i dun see myself living for anything.. Except what I mean to others...
The day I mean nothing to everybody.. The day I have lietrally nothing to live for...
We all need someone... I just need everyone who I love to need me too...
Is it crazy? This need to be needed?

Sigh... Grow Up Mandy... =(